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okay, I’m probably gonna take a HUGE step in the wrong direction but…

potentially explicitive/offensive content
  1. are you a girl
  2. are you flat
  3. why are you obsessed with drawn mammary glands larger than the size of the moon? seriously, at that size I don’t think you could stand up straight without being uncomfortable…
  4. is there a relationship between 1, 2 and 3
    i am really going to regret this

  1. yes
  1. No
  2. No (biggy pectoral muscles babey)
  3. I’m not obsessed with them. I find it humorous and very mildly attractive for .3 seconds at best.
  4. No


If that wasn’t clear yet, yes to the max!

and they’ll grow soonTM ò,w,ó

Yeah, but like…
…big tiddy…
I know of the discomforts of big boobs cause my dysphoric fren has been cursed with them. Life just ain’t fair .m.



how Distgusting, you need god my doood :latin_cross:

( but seriously, I didn’t wanna focus on the breasts like a 14 year old, but they really aren’t impressive tbh. then again, I have seen some WEIRD art with some WEIRDER proportions so ye)

oh so man tits, don’t worry though I don’t judge.

no there isn’t, that’s like saying there are differences between oranges and potatos
there is no differences, cuz they’re both meat based products.

in fact, that’s kinda hot ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

massive /s btw


there’s a difference between man titties and pectoral muscles.


very accurate.


Wow I have realized that people can be perverts even on the Forum


Can you like, take a chill pill? There’s no need to be negative on this thread.


I mean, as long as it isn’t direct sexual content or something really disturbing, it’s fine .w.


Sorry but I’m really annoyed when people comment like they did on a picture drawn for fun it annoys me




I also just had health class a week ago and our teacher congratulated us for not writing about you know what on a diagram for our perfect dating partner


No-Face monster from Spirited Away somehow becomes a mix of Rayman and Lust from FMA.

Not really a fan of that style. Looks like it’s just reskins of the same generic “big tits+anime face” girl.

Backgrounds are really flat.

I like the lighting on the Ghost Bride picture though, even if I’m not entirely sure where it’s coming from (does she have a fire lit under her ass?)


I forgot to post this one on realmeye, so here it is!
Swarming huntress set as a commission for DS! most of this awesome design is also thanks to him :smiley:

Rotmg is still one of my favourite game even though I don’t have much time to play it anymore. I can’t say when, but if I have time I’ll go back into the realm and do another fanart again!

For now, I hope you guys enjoy rotmg and wish you all a white bag drop!


She looks so cool! :0


Good work as always :smiley:

When the next bee movie comes out probably

or when MoTMG starts.


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