Realm Rewind 2019



Let’s try not to crash this “.exe” file like YouTube, shall we?

A year has gone by, and I wanted to celebrate it by introducing the first “rewind” of this Forum.
It’ll be like the Forumer Appreciation Thread but more specific to the respective year.

First thing’s first…

@moderators :heart:
The best faculty we could dream of! It’s because of you guys that we don’t fill this place to the brim with burning piles of trash. We appreciate that you guys take the time to moderate this place!

Personal Gratitude

A few of my rather closer Forumers…Or just strangers that I believe deserve a small thank-you.

@Fluffegan :heartpulse:
You shed light upon the Forum’s threads. We need you, Fluff. I hope you’re doing okay.
Beat cancer’s ass. :fist:

@Glawi :two_hearts:
Thank you for farming those likes for me. I post a bunch of random things and you click that heart for all of them 6 months later. I’m gonna have to yeetus deletus this later. or will i OwO

Person to most like my topics/replies. 134 likes is more love than I have ever deserved. xD
Your ideas and descriptions are epic, so keep those up!

@YesButNo :sparkling_heart:
Still salty about you leaving the Guild. Thank you for being a casual friend. I still won’t forgive you, though.
ur probably the closest forumer here which is weird bc i dont even know u well

There’s obviously way more, but I ran out of mentions because of the @ limit due to below…

“Top Topic” Awards

Congratulations if you are placed in this section! Only the most liked topics of the year will be listed here, one for each Forum category.

Ideas - @BeeMoth with Final Farewell. 34 :heart:

Community Hub - @Sebchoof with How Devs Let Cheaters Take Over RotMG. 48 :heart:
Also wins the Top Topic of the Year Award. :clap:

Game Discussion - @Toastrz with the Cursed Library Feedback Thread. 43 :heart:

Off-Topic - @Fluffegan with Heya, It’s Me. 32 :heart:

The Academy - @OtherBill with This is How We Roll. 30 :heart:

Hot Topics

Since I hit the mention limit, I hope this stuff notify the people as well.
…Either that or I’m going to cry.

Looks like the Dungeon Layout took a lot of effort and time!

I love your artwork. They’re actually amazing – please keep it up!

Campfires. Candy. Yes.

I love this idea. I completely agree that the Lost Halls needs a change. It’s far too easy to acquire Fame, overpowered Pets, and powerful items through this Dungeon.

RotMG Rewind

Straying further from just the RealmEye Forums, let’s see all of the things DECA has accomplished (both good and bad). Only the biggest changes and updates will be present here.

  • January - Dungeon Opener Kicking Rights in Cloth Bazaars

  • February - Large EXP balancing for the Event Bosses

  • March - Stat balancing for the Ninja and Samurai

  • April - Release of Ninja ST and The Machine

  • May - Release of the Cursed Library

  • June - Not much…

  • July - Alien Event, LOD Rework, Legacy ST Rework

  • August - Released of the Fungal Cavern

  • September - The Keyper, Return of the Aliens

  • October - RotMG RIFTS is done with Season 1

  • November - STory Bonus Program, New ST Sets

  • December - Christmas Event (Turn in those Ornaments!)

The three new Dungeons of the year! (what are the Heroic Dungeons? I don’t know what those are :roll_eyes:)

The Machine Fungal Cavern Cursed Library

Enemies of the Year

The ranking below is purely based off of a 24-hour timed poll.
A change in popularity may change the ranking below.

  1. Avalon Avalon the Archivist

  2. G7Hbr58%20(2) Null

  3. image Crystal Entity

If you know there is someone within this Forum that you want to thank, go right ahead!
Assuming I stick to this Forum for a long time, I am planning on making this a yearly thing.

Thank you to ALL OF YOU for making this year a great and memorable one!

– Gamma :v:


Why isn’t my comic thread on that list? We’ve been in existence before Candied Realms!

realizes its been delayed for 9 months

Oh, that’s right!


Favorite 2019 Boss Sprite?

  • Null
  • Avalon
  • Corruption Phantom
  • New Feargus
  • New Nikao
  • New Pyyr
  • New Limoz
  • New Ivory
  • Crystal Entity

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So now…


I’d like to thank @Squeakwee For even being the reason I decided to post my art, which led to The Candied Realms being here in the first place. :heart:


I was surprised to see a notification from here then realised you were just linking the forumer appreciation thread


I haven’t touched the Ideas category in weeks aaaa :’)
But hah, you probably posted a lot in the white bag thread ^u^


Imagine delaying a comic for nine months

oh wait shit


@LudwiGa started posting in 2019


The megapause


Youtube: fucks up its Rewind in the 2nd year in a row
@GammaGamer: Fine, I’ll do it myself


Who said they only fucked up two? :wink:


Ooooh that’s going to leave a mark, looks like we won’t get a Rewind 2020 due to the owner being too offended :wink:

Also awww, thank you so much for featuring my thread in Realm Rewind 2019. Really love this entire compilation, takes awhile to really search through the forums, reddit, patchnotes, etc. to find everything that makes 2019…2019 xP

Hope to see next year’s Realm Rewind~ :>


I am overcome with emotions, I never would’ve imagined that my post would get featured like this.


Nice work for a look back at 2019, and gj to collate the stats and things about the most liked topics etc. :+1:


Just realized that some of the Top Topic links go to the wrong threads. xD
Sorry if that caused confusion. I’ll fix it up.


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