Realm Slayers: RotMG Discord dedicated to closing realms and hunting Event Bosses and Event UTs


Hey r/RotMG!

A few friends and I have been working on this discord server for a while now, and I think it’s about ready to be opened to the public.

Introducing Realm Slayers! Realm Slayers is a RotMG-centered Discord Server dedicated to the task of closing realms as quickly as possible, thereby spawning Event Bosses and (hopefully) obtaining some event white bags in the process.

What’s the point?
Because who doesn’t love event UTs? Juggs, Ogmurs, CDirks, you name it. All of these items are at the core of what most people wish to achieve while playing RotMG. We believe, after some experimentation, that it is possible to close realms in a much faster manner than what most RotMG players are normally used to. We understand the basic mechanics of how closing realms and spawning Event Bosses work, and thus we wanted to create an opportunity for every member to farm for their desired event white bag.

Event whites have been, historically, something you can only wish to obtain through sheer luck and years upon years of playtime, and until now the only option for players to grind towards obtaining their desired items was to work alone (or in small groups) to close realms on their own. Our goal by opening this discord server is to at the very least offer you, the community, an opportunity to actively grind for those items you want. All in an organized, optimized and cohesive fashion, so that your time isn’t wasted and your experience is as good as we, as a group, can make it.

What are the requirements to join? What’s expected of me during runs?
We ask for atleast 1000+ alive fame between all of your characters and at least one 6/8+ character to join.

We simply expect from every player what amounts to common sense and interest, regardless of guild associations, beliefs, or anything else. Putting your best individual effort (and team effort) forward during runs is what keeps them healthy, fast and enjoyable for yourself. We hope that at the very least self-gain is incentive enough for every player to do their best. If not, our (future) team of Moderators and Raid Organizers will be on the lookout for leechers, and other rule breakers in general.

Is this against the TOS in some way? Can I get banned for participating in this?
As a disclaimer, I would like to mention that we do not make use of any hacks, cheats, notifier bots, nor any sort of in-game tampering whatsoever to achieve our goals. The ‘worst’ we do is, as raid organizers, take screenshots of our minimap for our Discord Bot to analyze at the start of each run.

While DECA remains the sole arbiter of what flies and what doesn’t in their game, at the very least we have been very careful not to delve into any sort of unintended exploits to make our runs work.

How do runs work? How will you help me farm for event UTs?
If you are used to dungeon-based discord servers (Lost halls servers, Shatters servers, etc) you will feel right at home in our Discord Server. The only difference is that our target is to clear realms, instead of those dungeons.

To this end, we have developed a Bot (Meet Jugg Orc!) that will assist our Raid Organizers and other members during raids. Here’s an intro to some of the things that he can do:

Identify what world map the current raid’s realm is in, from screenshots of our raid organizer’s minimaps.
Set up AFK checks, organize raids, distribute assignment maps to all of our members and overall assist them in making their tasks as easy as possible.
Help our new members verify their discord accounts, etc.
Our runs follow a simple structure, if you have participated in raids in other discord servers you will find them very familiar. You can find out more in the discord server.

And unlike most discord servers, we do not require you to be undeafened in the raiding channel during runs. Despite this, we hope people find it worthwhile to listen to our raid organizer’s advice and listen in anyway. We trust our members will know what they’re supposed to do on their own, and thus we won’t force anyone to listen to the same instructions over and over.

So how do I join?
Follow this link:

We’re a fresh discord server, so it’s likely that runs won’t be starting for a day or two while we get some raid organizers to apply and join the team. It may take us a while and a bit of repetition and time to learn and improve and take this discord to its fullest potential, but we hope we will achieve that with the help of our members.

We hope to see you there, if you have any questions feel free to ask here or over at the discord server.

And finally, a big thank you to the realmeye wiki (and everyone that maintains it), without their amazing information this server wouldn’t have been possible.


How is This one different than Realm closers discord?


Realm Slayers seeks to close realms from beginning to end instead of simply notifying members of nearly-closed realms. As such everyone will get a chance at all the events that spawn in a single realm cycle.

Also, the procedure itself will be more coordinated, as different groups are assigned certain locations to clear instead of everyone clearing the same quest. Essentially it’s meant to be faster.


Nice : )


seems cool


Wait does this mean I don’t have to pay for my notifier anymore?


Notifier money goes to starving orphans, so you should probably keep it for now.


I love this i already god a ray katana in my first day of use.


Currently there has been 7 event white drops in the 2 days this server has been running for. A single run only takes about 10 - 20 minutes too.


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