Realm won't load


So when I tried playing realm today on flash I clicked the usual link to start it and notice that nothing happened, the flash player did not even resize like it usually does when it starts up realm. I tried switching to the realmeye appspot link but it left me at a black screen indefinitely. I tried the browser version and saw that both on FireFox and Chrome it said ti could not reach the site. I’ve used CCleaner as other threads have suggested but no luck!

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:


If it says you can’t reach the site, is it possible that the site is being blocked by a firewall or otherwise somewhere in your network?


That is what I thought initially (I am using college WiFi), but it was worked for the previous 3 months that I have been here so I don’t understand why it would abruptly stop. Also I’m not sure how to change it within my firewall if it is that.


It’s pretty possible that the network administrators/IT decided to blacklist the site for whatever reason (like causing loss of productivity aka “people are spending too much time playing this one silly game”), and that’s why you can’t connect.
If you can access another source of internet (for example wifi at a coffee shop or something) and the site loads fine, then it’s probably not an issue with your PC at all and instead with the network.
Unfortunately, I don’t really have experience with getting around firewalls or blacklisted sites, so if that is the case I can’t help much with that.


Yea I did think of that and am heading back home for the holiday weekend and was going to try something along those lines. Hope its not the case but best I can do is cross my fingers I guess.


I tested on my friends computer using the same WiFi and it didn’t worked either… so it looks my college blacklisted realm… F in the chat.


Please, please, stop using CCleaner. Microsoft does not recommend registry cleaners. It is snake oil and smoke, and can only worsen the state of your computer, not improve it.

As someone who worked in IT for a percentage of my life, registry cleaners were up there among the PC sins of using two or more concurrent anti-virus programs, or installing Windows Vista on XP machines.


I mean, just use a proxy if you play on browser and a VPN if you play on flash/steam. Though the cheap/free ones lag a ton


Yea I’m aware of the lag that cheap/free ones have. I’d rather wait till Unity in hope it fixes something rather than constantly lose my characters to lag




What case make you be?


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