Realmafia: Eclipse - Round III [Mafia Won]


@Toastrz you probably should now buff town (deputy that goes with sherif) or nerf mafia (less members or weaker roles)


Multiples of the same role would be pretty cool. Two sheriffs and whatnot.


multiple mimics


How about everyone has a role then :thinking:


guys I made a couple drawings on a whim sort of like solosen but they’re not comprehensive. it would not be an exaggeration to say that they’re the only realmafia-related content I have actually looked forward to in the past few days other than then end of this atrocious nightmare

AU Knight Spook:

and what is possibly the best thing I have ever created in my lifetime:


Got the screenshot I wanted first try





Realmafia 3: Eclipse Play by Play

Day 1

Book’s SHARPSHOTER’s death

Piggby’s breakfast buffet/death

Day 2

Atrapper’s death

CandyShi’s death

Day 3

Akram’s descent into madness/death

SoloSen’s crippling depression/death

Day 4

WunderWafe’s death

Niegil’s not-so-surprising death

ViciousTwo, murdered by Kaho

Day 5

Megatronc’s death

Ludfru’s death

Myanmar Mynamerr’s death
(I’m not going to let Akram live this down lol)

Day 6

Xaklor wins the RPS against Tero

The mafia outnumber Mrunibro and Kaho and corner them…

Obviously they get brutally murdered with knives, Julius Caesar style, and join us in UDL heaven.

Taun drinks his problems away with his tiny comrades as the others celebrate victory. Guill is also missing for some reason…


Well, that was fun. I hope I’m improving.
Was a good game, I can’t even be that mad at Xaklor, Taun, or the other mafia. You guys did a great job finding the special roles than Uni, Wunder, and I did. Congratulations on your win :heart:


I had no idea rock paper scissors could be made to look so intimidating, nice job :ok_hand:


Seeing as you’re a sorcerer I’d imagine you’d use electromagnetic energy to control them mid-air or something epic like that





Blame Toastrz


wow your Cyrillic is better then most native Russians ive seen, 10/10 accurate representation




MMoas being ignored while Xaklor and Tauntauned argue


dont throw my next game’s plans away…


well just gonna throw it out there that in a 25 person mafia game, with the only special role being doc, there should be 6 mafiosos with no special mafia roles for a roughly 50-50 even winrate on both sides. now there are a lot of special roles so it’s much harder to say whether the probabilities are still even or not.


The Mafia had a channel, right? I believe thats a big part of the problem, since they can coordinate themselves much better than in any RL maf game. Also they didnt have that possibility in the first game and it was so much closer.


Not true, the Mafia had a private chat in the first game as well. That’s kind of the whole point of the game, really, since the town needs to see who is coordination to a suspicious degree. I do think EpicNecros makes a good point about the special roles, though. The next round ought to shake things up.


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