Realmafia: Smoke and Mirrors - Round IV [Mafia Won]



smh the round hasn’t even started and we’re doing this shit again


Smh I was looking through old things I saved

You should invite me over sometime tho @WunderWafe :wink:


Only capitalist spies use tranquilizer darts. Real men use SOVIET MICROWAVE.


I am sorry товарищ солосень there was a mistunderstanding. I was stalking trailing WunderWaifu because I had intel that he is capitilist.

Also I forgot to finish off the rhyme.

Afterwards I shall atone
I decide I will shoot my own


солоceh with the сень its like solosehnb

but sen is not a word so it could be a few ways


The server is open! All players should check the end of the OP and get in as soon as possible. Be sure to add me as a friend so that role messages can be sent out properly.


@PisakPL @ThatsMyJam @Literature servers up, we’re waiting on you guys.




Wait holdup


Why wtfff I’m yellow star on realmeye I’m at 57 stars what


Thought I was supposed to receive a discord friend request. My bad.


IM regural now !!!



Congrats, but please join, you’re the last person!


Please go to the bottom of the first post, and join the discord server as fast as you can, otherwise u might miss out





Ok im here btw



23 Players Remain

If there’s one thing Ludfru excels at, it’s consistency. After once again drawing as much attention to himself as possible, he found himself on the wrong end of the town’s blades. Most of the town was probably glad to be rid of his antics either way, but it was still disheartening to find that he was a Civilian.

The Mafia took their first move as well, taking out the edgelord himself, Xaklor. Out of respect for tradition, the Mafia threw him into the increasingly infamous furnace that had scorched him in a past life. Xaklor was a Civilian as well.


Ludfru is bad at mafia



20 Players Remain

JawsJakt tried to take the pragmatic approach, but his claims ultimately earned him nothing but suspicion. He had been tasked with cleaning out the furnace after Xaklor’s demise, but the town had settled on their decision before he could finish the job. Unfortunately, the flames had run out due to the excessive misuse of the machine, so they had to settle for just smashing JawsJakt into it several times instead. He was a Civilian.

Resident artist SoloSen (not the other so-called artist that makes bad assassin skins) met their fate in the night as well. After preparing the finishing touches on the illustrations of the first day’s deaths, the Mafia scum defaced the work by drawing dead mages all over it! SoloSen could hardly fathom what had just happened and dropped dead from the shock. Likewise, SoloSen was a Civilian.

The Mafia’s dirty work wasn’t finished yet. An early trap had been set prior, and as the Eclipse passed by another cycle, it had sprung. ViciousTwo was the unlucky victim of this cowardly attack. As they went to sleep that night, dozens of axes came swinging from the ceiling, slicing and dicing the tree into countless pieces of poorly cut lumber. Once their room was investigated, many pieces of confusing evidence were found. A badge, for a Sheriff? A stethoscope, perhaps that of a Doctor? Then it became clear. ViciousTwo was a Mimic.

After such an eventful night, the town had hoped to catch their breath for a moment. But just as people prepared for another day of debating, something began to rustle from that forsaken furnace room. Suddenly, the door burst open, and with it came a magical shovel flying outward. It held a pile of ashes, no doubt the remains of Xaklor. It seems some gravedigging work happened overnight, so Xaklor is back in the game for this phase as a resurrected player! Who knew small clumps of ashes could talk?