Realmeye cannot show my Exaltations & Graveyard


as the title.



This is a well-known issue to everyone but unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it.


Exaltations only update on the death of a character, I believe it looks at your dungeon completes on that character and updates your RealmEye profile.

I just looked at your graveyard and it’s completely empty, thats strange… Did you try clicking ''I’m missing characters in my graveyard" button or whatever it’s called (it’s beneath the ‘Deaths’ and ‘Summary’ buttons when you’re looking at your graveyard).

Otherwise try visiting the server MrEyeball is in, maybe that will update your graveyard somehow.

The exaltation thing is a well-known issue, but I graveyards work just fine, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.


I’m a old player and just come back 2 months. I’ve already did most endgame dungeon, and completed 20 time o3 from last Oryxmas event. However, new Shatters still an issue to me.
I want to join the Discord, but Verify bot cann’t get my data from Realmeye.


In that case, I recommend reaching out to an admin in the discord (they most likely have instructions for who can help verify in the verification channel or similar location) and explaining your predicament. They will be of more help than we will.