RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]


I’m no bio-person (didn’t take a single biology course in high school) nor a yogi bear but I’ve noticed in the past that breathing in actually prompts a noticeable increase in heart-rate when compared to breathing out.

The reason I know is because I got a fit-bit [ripoff] as a gift and wanted to test it out, but manually feeling my pulse when I was trying to get below fifty BPM led me to this observation kek.


@Doc are you actually a doctor in real life?

@OtherBill do you know anyone else named Bill?

@HGKing What was the meaning behind HGTurbo?

@Stupidity why are you the only moderator that I see actually playing the game?


I found OtherBill playing the game here once. I see him pop up occasionally here and there sometimes.


I saw him in the nexus a couple times but never[quote=“CandyShi, post:202, topic:5298”]
actually playing the game


@pfiffel also plays the game



I don’t see him round’ the forums that much >.>


I know tons of other people named Bill. I’ve known eight other people named Bill who also have my same last name.


I kind of have some other stuff going on in my life right now, sorry. :frowning:


Wot in name replication

I know that >.>
Just asking Stupidity why he plays the game



I like the game. :slight_smile:

You might also be interested in this:


@moderators what’s your favorite track and field event?


100 M. Ran that in high school. I was never great – somewhere around 12.5 seconds if I remember right – but I loved sprinting. 400 M is killer…


I hate all of the long distance runs. I get tired in like 2 seconds xD


What clinic do you work at DoctorBill?


im the best at mile runs lol



It was the other name I was deciding between when I was picking a name. It doesn’t use my IRL nickname and is a more direct reference to our comedic hero.

I play every couple of weeks for an hour or so, but on a different account.



@moderators please reopen this: Connection Problem

The issue is still happeing.


Re-opened the senior thread on the same topic. Realmeye down?


Should rare non-whitebag drops be put in the whitebag-thread?
If no, should there be separate one for those?


What are you thinking? Like mushrooms etc? People wanting to post about white bags are common enough that a megathread is preferred rather than dozens of similar topics a week. If what you’re talking about is super rare then I don’t see having a new thread about it every now and then causing any clutter.


How about something like

Or a mini stheno, even though it drops in a cyan, it is quite rare.