RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]


Well now that this thread has been reopened guess its time to start asking the mods more questions.

@moderators What build was around when you played? (if you don’t still play)


First build for me was I think 105, though I think it may have been the release right before Necros were added to the game.


why did you start to play rotmg?


Followed a link on reddit, something about Diablo style play with pixel art in Flash/browser. I will say I would have never started playing were it not for instantly dumping me into the gameplay. If there was a sign-up or any other barrier other than picking a class I wouldn’t have bothered. I wish they’d bring that back, even if it were for a temporary sandbox where people could check it out in isolation from regular players.


I can’t remember the number, but it was the build right before Sphinxes were introduced to the game.


BMJ was chilling round my house and showed me how to play on my laptop. When he left I carried on playing… for 6 years.


wow you knew BMJ irl? i wouldn’t have guessed


Yup we’re actually brothers.


wouldn’t have guessed that either


If you guys were offered a position of moderator on the new and improved NeoGAF, would you accept?




I think right before build 104 (should be about the same time as Doc, but slightly after, IIRC). I was going to say 104, but I have distinct memories of having to kill 25,000 monsters to spawn Oryx and being excited to sign up for an account when accounts were added (so I wouldn’t have to worry about losing my progress to clearing my cookies).

My closest friends and I played a lot of flash games on Kongregate at the time, and one of them found this game, so we all started playing it in the dorm, yelling across the suite at each other. I stuck with the game when my friends moved on to other games, making a forum account and lurking. Then, a year later, RotMG was added to Kongregate, and I got to play with my friends again for a little while before they moved on again. Then I decided actually get involved with the community and put my experience to use, so I created the HGKing forum account and stopped lurking.

No; I have to lurk somewhere, after all.


I played for the first time on November 4, 2011. I think it was build 107 or 108, a bit before Tombs were added. Good times, good times.

(Why do I know the exact date? Because I found the game here.)


The game seemed to be a good mix of arcade arena-shooter and roguelike RPG (two genres which I both enjoyed separately…so put the two together, and *BOOM*.)



@moderators what was your first white bag drop?


It’s hard to remember exactly when the white bag art was added, but it was definitely after there were already UTs in the game. But the first UT that I got that actually came in a white bag was probably an EP. I’d say CSword’s also a likely candidate, but I’m pretty sure I remember it coming in a cyan bag for a while.


Prod: oreo

Test: first ever Sphinx ring, though it wasn’t a white bag. It was given to me by chedd for dieing on a 6/6 to the first public Sphinx event test.


Either a CSword or an EP, I can’t really remember.


@moderators How often do you actually use the “count flag against the person who flagged” feature?


I think I’ve used it like, once. That was when someone was just flagging a post of someone they didn’t like. Other than that people are actually pretty sensible with the flags. If I disagree with a flag I’ll usually just defer it rather than have it count against the flagger.