RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]


I don’t keep track. Every time I see a flag come in, I read through the thread containing the flagged post, and then decide whether or not the flag was reasonable or out of spite or something, and depending on that determination, I then decide what the most appropriate course of action is:

 • agree (flag counts against the flagged person)
 • disagree (flag counts against the flagger, but in a different way than getting flagged does–the system tracks “helpful flags” for everyone, making it easy for us to see at a glance how trustworthy the flagger is)
 • defer (nothing happens)



@OtherBill are going to keep adding tiny edits to posts? I haven’t seen any lately and I thing they’re funny.


OB’s stuck IRL for the time being. When he has an opportunity to return i’m sure he’ll continue his tiny edits.





@doc what kind of doctor are you?




[Sorry, 캔디씨. The end is in sight—give me a couple more weeks, 'k? OB]


Just found this thread so I thought I might as well put forth my own question.

What is your favorite and least favorite feature of this forum?

What is your favorite and least favorite feature of this forum?

ok ob <3


You name it.


@doc I got a notification saying you edited one of my posts, I assume it was to remove any direct discussion to pservers as is forum law. while I’m totally okay with that, the post itself and the thread it was on is nearly a year old and very locked. any particular reason you’re reading stuff from so far back lately?


Just cleaning the windows. Less cross referencing keywords means lower search rankings for those other sites. I really don’t want these forums to contribute in any way to people who rip off the game. I don’t mind people talking about it, but I do occasionally clean up old threads. The edit notice is kinda annoying, though for transparency’s sake I guess it’s a good thing.


The mod tools are quite nice.

It’s harder to lurk on these forums than it was on the old WSS/Drupal forums.



@moderators Why does it say Beta next to the forum title?

Pretty sure its said that since launch. Why doesn’t it just say Realmeye forum??


Dunno. That’s a MrEyeball question, but one he’s not answered before when asked previously.


Darn guess we probably will never know…

######(Mr. Eyeball, if you’re going to suddenly show up out of nowhere now is the best time)


Why is this forum still "beta"?


Do you still play RotMG more than twice per month?

  • Yes
  • No

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Re-open to answer, then close. It’s closed to try and keep non-mods from voting.


Mods seems to have problems with things like polls. Are you sure they are able to reopen your poll?


Well, since I can, I figured it’d be related to editing posts.
Maybe @Shatter or @Nevov can try it out if they’re online?