RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]


Yeah we can. And yes I play a lot more than twice per month!


Only mods can.


[I’m on hiatus, as others have said. Should be back early next year (hopefully). OB]


if any at all, what’s your favorite coffee origin?

(I’m a sucker for a good Sumatra, call me cliche :man_shrugging:)


Waffle House.


Absolutely Colombia. I went over this year and did a tour of a coffee farm in Salento, the coffee region, and I shit you not it was liquid heaven.



@moderators Do you know whether Mr. Eyeball is an admin or something? Mr. Eyeball is in the Deca GMs guild and somewhere there is a vid of the admins giving him white star. My question is how did Mr. Eyeball get noticed and approved to join. They don’t just let anyone join their guild you know.


MrEyeball is RealmEye’s in-game account. Deca let them join their guild and rapidly leveled them up to 70 in order to avoid anti-bot measures.


So Mr. Eyeball is the creator of realmeye?


MrEyeball is the in-game account created by the creators of RealmEye. MrEyeball, being nothing more than a bot existing in cyberspace, is incapable of creating things like RealmEye, or anything else for that matter.


What I meant. obviously this place was not made by a bot. A bot couldn’t make something this cool :wink:

@moderators on the topic of bots, what was the purpose of creating Discobot?



How does @BMJ have a t14 dagger???

@moderators I know alot of you guys are pretty old realmers so do any of you know how he got it?




i like how hes referred to as a “sex god”


[He really is the sexiest. OB]


How much money - estimated - have you spent on gold playing the game?


@moderators how much stupid shit do you see every day?
this extends outside of realm,forums, etc… to things like daily life, friends, family, news, bad selection of pizza toppings, questionable use of social media…


Mrs Doc likes pineapple on her pizza. And no sauce.

I’m strongly reflecting on my life choices.


[The phrase you should all be Googling right now is “none pizza with left beef”. OB]



Killing two birds with one stone…


No sauce
Just pineapples
Raw pineapples