RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]


Do you remember what it was like whenever a Kabam GM tried to get into the game and actually play? If the RealmEye folks made themselves known, it would be much the same.

It’s far, far better this way. A little secrecy and mystique keeps things interesting, and they get to play the game they love in peace.


ok, then lets go on to this one, even know i probably know the answer

i heard that after deca came, you emailed them on next steps for forums. They didnt reply fast enough, so you contact mreyeball to see what would happen.

why is that? most of you barely play, or play at all. Why not just quit the moderating until you were called upon? You would have a lot more free time to play/family time/etc.

Like i remember Doc saying that he kept with the Kabam forums to die out with it, but now it has lived, why has @Doc continued?

For people like @otherbill who are so busy, why do you continue to moderate?

  1. Because I love the game and want to contribute to it and its community in some way,
  2. To honor the legacies of the people who first entrusted me with the job in the first place, and
  3. Because if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Really, moderating doesn’t take nearly as much time as it used to (and it is one thing I can do from work when I have a spare moment). These forums are far slicker than WildShadow’s or Kabam’s.



sorry, i barely used kabam and never used wildshadows.

  1. We ride together, we die together.
  2. We care a lot
  3. Because <3


Ease of use, not only for users but for moderators—web-based forums have improved a lot since the early days. The user levels here allow more responsible users (Regulars) to take on some of the “mod-like” activities (moving threads), which frees us up a lot, and the post-flagging feature is very convenient. Plus the private messages, trading, and wiki are built right into the site, making it a great “one-stop shop” for many things.


Is @OtherBill’s Seal of Approval radius bigger than @Doc’s Tome of Forum Purification radius??


I expect you to be in Arnold-condition by the time you’re 70. Doc, I’m looking at you too.

(@Scorchmist incoming fanfic about OtherBill being an old, wrinkly, but massively-jacked great uncle who enjoys pewpewing into certain…er… I’ll just @Shaxasno)

I have a question:

How were you guys originally chosen to become moderators? Who used to be moderators but quit their role and how has the team changed over the years?


Ummm…no, not exactly. Here’s an overshare: I went through training this past fall, and now I’m a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200). Between teaching and practicing, I usually attend 9-10 classes per week (edit: and yes, that’s on top of my full-time job as an engineer). So yeah, I’m probably in the best shape of my life, but I’m nowhere close to “jacked”.

I’ll let the other mods go into details on the specifics, but it largely boils down to being the right person in the right place at the right time. In my case, @Chispy/Linkshot, @McFarvo, and @Doc/Trustee @BMJ (edit: see @HGKing’s comment below) noticed me in the WildShadow forums. I seemed like a mature, responsible sort of guy, who was genuinely interested in helping new players. Things sort of grew from there.



But seriously, storytime (this my speculation/assumptions/alternative facts up until the part I’m actually brought into the fold):

Spry Fox (chedd and Danc) joined up with Wild Shadow (Rob and Alex) to work on the game with them. At that point, they had to deal with moderation of the forums themselves. They wanted to off-load that, and recruited Skoad, Chispy, and BMJ to moderate.

Things went well for a while, and, I assume Skoad did what Skoad does best, so Chispy and BMJ got chedd to recruit McFarvo to help out a bit. Things went on with those four while the game continued to grow–thereby the forums grew as well. Chispers, Bumja, and Farvbro wanted to grow the Mod Squad to help with the influx, so after getting rejected by zxcv multiple times, they divided a mystical artifact into multiple pieces and hid them as a way to prove who was mod-worthy.

Doc, OtherBill, Stupidity, Remmy, and myself (IIRC) were the ones that reassembled the artifact and were thusly imbued with the powers. This went on nicely for a while, and then Kabam entered the picture. Chispy got axed by them pretty quickly because he directly relayed information to the community that they felt they had shared in confidence. Then, they insisted on having worldwide mod coverage, so they put an application out on the forums. A lot of us expected that to end poorly because we all thought that the Kabam people were being naive, but they ended up selecting an astute bunch: Liam, Nambiar, Blackjam, Sanns, MattyFatty, and Frogboffin (IIRC) were then welcomed to the fold.

As time passed with Kabam, the anti-Kabam faction continued to grow. They were able to find flaws and then turn them into massive issues. Remmy and BMJ took advantage of one of those exploits, and both got axed/said “you can’t fire me, I quit”. BMJ was to sexy to be put out, and was kept on, but he went on hiatus anyway. Then the WSS forums got murdered due to bad password practices of some of the Kabam staff people. We got moved to the Kabam forums, and toiled away, constantly walking the fine line balance of being community members and corporate shills. Sanns got really busy IRL and went on what seems to have become a permanent hiatus. Nambiar also got sucked into the black hole that is astrophysics and left. Blackjam was the next victim claimed by IRL. Followed by Liam. We decided we needed another German to replace Liam and recruited Pfiffel, asking ourselves, “how did we not ever recruit Pfiffel sooner?”.

Yada yada yada, the rest is history, and that’s where children come from.

As relayed in my story, you meant BMJ. You, Doc, and I all got on board at the same time.

[What can I say, it was a long time ago. My memory might be hazy. OB]
[No worries. You have no idea how much I fretted over forgetting someone from these lists. I need Sven. HG]



Except in my case, you can remove “cook” (I have horrible eating habits) and replace “go to the gym” with “play video games” and other hobbies. As some of you might have noticed, it can also be tough to keep all my tools up to date since I still haven’t had the time to automate that process. I was very actively playing Trove and also developed tools for that, but I’m currently getting back into Realm!

I absolutely respect their choice to remain incognito. I do sometimes regret using my IGN for my website instead of keeping it a secret like RealmEye. I do appreciate the love and kind comments I’m getting (and occasionally the silly ones), but most of the time I really do just want to play in peace. Attention gets in the way of that, since I’m also not the kind of person who likes ignoring PMs.



@Stupidity how do you feel about this particular person claiming she’s a hardcore forum addict but not knowing if you’re a mod or not?

Also why did you guys not answer my previous question? D:



Which one of you changed my profile pic from a swastika to the one i’m currently using?


I feel like this thread is a lot more on topic than Shaxasno’s AMA for Regulars. like i don’t even know what has happened to that thread anymore…


Comparisons begin!
Are mods the illuminati?


Bill is muscular confirmed!

@Selimmm Leave my thread alone! The moderators are more professional than the regulars and non regs, also of course no one would dare try to spam here when they know the Mods would be checking this thread frequently…




I don’t sarcasm


alright @moderators I have been invited by @ConsoleMC to this thread…

I have seen others on this thread. I am very confused. I can still post replies. What does this mean? Is my account on hold? please explain this, ty


No, your account has not been put on hold (if it was, you wouldn’t have been able to post, eh?).

@ConsoleMC just wanted to confuse people by taking a notice that he received when he was tempbanned, and using that notice to start a group chat.