RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]




@moderators how does the notification for this work? Once one of you views it, does it go away for the rest of you?


is @Doc your ancestor?


if that were true, then according to that tree OB’s mom got pregnant at 12 while Doc was 40

Doc wtf are you doing


What the    is that family tree all about? :laughing:



I can’t see the image. :cry:


Images seem to be kind of broken in general today :thinking:



2 assassins and 2 rogues…?


no they’re the same one, they just split up. follow the arrows


Didnt see assassin arrows
And wasnt sure if anythings intentional with ggaod


Wait, so priest and knight had paladin as a child when priest was 40 and knight was… 12? Idk where y’all live but where I’m from that ain’t cool.


@OtherBill you sure do have a weird family relationship


@moderators, what’s your favorite element? (from earth/air/fire/water and/or periodic table)


By mentioning @moderators, you are about to notify 13 people – are you sure?


It is I, the founder of the RE Forums…


year old btw