Realmeye functionality update


Are the RealmEye creators/devs still planning on fixing the functionalities on the site? (such as exaltations not updating, character stats not showing etc.) This is assuming they have any control over this and not just an issue with accessing Realm’s API.

Is there anything the community can do to help? If anyone offers knowledge and assistance, how can they get in contact with the creators/devs of the forum?


I have always assumed the issues are with accessing that information, since as far as I know the API deca promised ages ago was never made at all. if you wanted to help with that stuff you’d need to message mreyeball on realmeye directly, even though he may not respond. I doubt he’d need the help though.


Yes, pretty sure it was broken when DECA changed what information was accessible in game. There were various discussions about it at the time, but I can’t recall them well enough to link to them.

In some ways it’s not surprising as how it worked before, where a bot could find out everything about players just by being in the same area, was pretty broken. Realmeye’s use was OK, but hackers abused it to e.g. spy on players inventories, sometimes using that to initiate trades which you weren’t expecting or interested in.

You can access a lot of the information using MuleDump. As that uses your login to get your game information there are no privacy implications.


good job Deca, now I cannot feed my divine pet anymore. :slight_smile:


unfavorite, unfollow, leave the pet yard, then go back and it should work


you dont have to unfavourite it


thank you! I will try.


The login page not working and not being able to participate in this conversation was painful. I wanted to warn people not to log out!


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