Realmeye graveyard


My graveyard don’t show how do you make it do? I have clicked on the “show graveyard” button but it still don’t show.

Hope this is a ok place to post this. I could not find an answer to it anywhere.


Looking at your account you may not have enough information gather to start a grave yard yet (I do not know this for sure) just keep clicking that button each time you die realmeye will sort it out eventually


If your realmeye account was made recently, it may take time for your graveyard to load in, mine took a few weeks before it showed up on realmeye once I made my realmeye account.

Please respond if this isn’t the case and I will try and help.


When I visit your realmeye page your graveyard is currently hidden.

To fix this

  1. Log into realmeye
  2. view your own player page by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click “Settings” on the far right side of the ribbon menu
  4. Change “Who can see my graveyard” to “Everyone”
  5. Click “Save changes”

Missing Graveyard Information
Realmeye account created date and graveyard issue

My account was created 69 days ago that i almost 10 weeks so yeah.


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Why did the 2 month thing not work for this?

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Do I need to make a FAQ item for this? I feel like i’ve answered this a dozen times.

Expiration dates on threads are set when the thread is created. When the forum opened there were some categories that didn’t have the expiration setting enabled, so threads created before we turned on the settings won’t auto-close. We don’t care enough to go track down all these old threads, so we just let them die. That is, until someone goes a does an off-topic necropost in violation of the forum guidelines. :angry:

Why is autoclose inconsistent?

Who could you possibly be talking about?

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