REALMEYE Guild confirm


confirm me as the founder of my guild on realmeye please! I need to be able to edit the description and stuff

How do I become a verified member of my guild?

who are you asking exactly…?


Hey @GOOFLEr. RealmEye is just a reflection of the game itself. You’ll have to contact Deca Support to ask them to promote you to a Founder in your guild. Once they do that RealmEye will automatically update.



It does say you are the founder on RealmEye


Ah. Maybe RealmEye didn’t update it quickly enough? Either way this one sounds like it’s solved.


Suspicious cropping :3


I’ve never been the Founder of a guild but perhaps you can see if there’s “confirm” button on your guild page, else you’d have to take this up w/ MrEyeball.


Whoops, I could have sworn that wasnt there before

I found this but I doesn’t make much sense to me


Oh sweet, it’s a post from JoanOfArc–so unless something’s changed it should be right.


IIRC you can only do that if you’re confirmed yourself, so if I’m right, take it up to Mr. Eyeball to confirm you as founder.

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