RealmEye information gathering?


So how does MrEyeball get our stats, pet stats, backpack, recent deaths, fame, exp and projected dead fame?
Also including dungeons run and all the death summary stats, I realise it shows on the top 15 fame list and when your char dies it shows, but how does RealmEye access this information?

How does realmeye know what your stats are?

There is this:
which has some answers.

RealmEye/MrEyeball does not do anything with projected fame as this info is private to the account (until your character dies). It is Muledump which does that.


Iirc, Realmeye has access to certain… things

How does Realmeye see your stats?

I know but I meant how does it even find out projected fame after death…


By “it” do you mean realmeye or muledump…?

If realmeye, i’m confused by what you’re saying.

If muledump, really simple calculations.

Look up “rotmg fame calculator” and mess around with it to see how it works.


Oh you mean the death screen +fame % bonuses. I believe all that info from each dead character is there within the game in the background, and MrEyeball just knows how to grab it from the code.

Like “ThexBoss char number 102 was a wizard, stats 620/180/8/3/25/… died at level 20 killed by…” it is all stored on your account in the background. It’s how the game can reproduce the death screen on the graveyard in the game main menu, for example.


I mean what Nevov said, about RealmEye, nothing to do with Muledump ;-;
RealmEye has no access to your account, therefore should have no clue what fame you received after dying.


How does it know whether we have a backpack on?


technically, when you see another player on your screen, your side knows a bunch about them already. This is why hackers and cheaters can see your inventory and stats - they’ve just meddled with the code in the UI to make it visible in game. The reason realmeye can find out about your dead characters, is very similar to the way the legends leaderboards work: all character deaths are archived in some way shape or form and the leaderboards just show the highest fame ones.


It’s the way the game works. For example, when you connect to the Nexus, the server sends all of the information about your character to every other person that is in that Nexus with you, and your client receives all of the information about all of the other characters in the Nexus with you. You aren’t aware of this because they chose not to design the UI to convey these extra details to you.

Consider this excerpt from my account’s death file circa 2012 (explanation post here). Taken from <Fame> to </Fame>, this is the information is what all clients receive when a character enters a zone. It contains inventories, experience, active fame bonuses, activity stats, a flag for whether or not your character has a backpack, and so on. This information is shared with everyone in the same instance because that’s how Rob and Alex originally designed it.

Does that help clear things up?

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