Realmeye PPE competitions



1-3 hours



Aight and can u talk in like maybe an hour so you could fully explain or nah?


I get it if you don’t like talking to strangers. Cause I might find out where you live. maybe I am so what?


We got this boi!!!


lol xd ^

bet you die day 1 :joy:


Added extra credit and the table @SkySlurp @Ecookied @Cerebros @Redox @AKLDragon
p.s. can @Cerebros please tell me what your time zone, prefered class and hours active per day is?


change me to archer please


Easy :relieved:
Let’s get this :sunglasses:


Done, get on disc


PST Time zone (-8 iirc), Trickster and when I’m actually able to, all day if possible.


Wanna get on disc?


Yeah, do you know my tag?


ofc im the legend


Are we aloud to bring in ppes we’ve created in the past? My assasin is a couple of days old


Unfortunately not, its a fresh restart to guarantee as fair as possible


makes sense. Sadly all my char spaces are filled


Just kill that assasin lmao


killed all my chars for this, I am ready for this bois.
Time zone is (MST) and its like 6:17 PM rn


Yo. 30 minutes a day for 5 days. 5/8. And exceptionally lucky loot wise.