Realmeye profile not showing pet on some characters


As of about a week ago, realmeye refuses to display my pet on two of my characters (knight and archer) despite being equipped, but displays them fine for every other class (image attached). Its really not that big of a deal, but it kind of bugs me seeing two empty gaps on a mostly filled out realmeye profile. Ive tried unfollowing/re-following, feeding the pet a few times to raise its level and maybe cause realmeye to update its stats, changing pet skin etc but nothing seems to work. Both of the characters having this issue are PPE’s and are displaying over my main archer/knight due to being higher fame. Could this be the issue why? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Mine too – two of mine. I’ve not tried doing anything to ‘fix’ it such as unfollow/follow. I always worry I might accidentally delete the pet once unfollowed so normally keep the pet following each char until the char dies. I just put it down to some miscommunication with DECA’s servers, pretty minor compared to the other things Realmeye no longer reports.


Same thing is happening with me, and one of the characters is the only instance of that class I have.


Well, clearly its not just me having this problem! Thanks for the input, but if its happening to you with only one instance of a class then I really have no idea what this issue could be. But alas, its only a minor issue in the grand scheme of things as @Skandling noted.


I’ve had this happen on and off since 3 years ago, not sure what causes it but they would sometimes come back after a while


Started happening to me last week for some reason. It’s only some classes, not all. Can’t find any explanation for it.


Issue seems to have been fixed :slight_smile: Thanks realmeye!


Thicc image.


Lmao yeah not sure why the preview squishes it like that, but when you click on it it displays fine