Realmeye site pages deleted?


Yesterday (August 3, ~ 19:00 UTC) I noticed that Realmeye was having internal server issues, as I received HTTP error code 502 upon attempting to load wiki pages.

However, now (August 4 ~ 07:30) the wiki pages don’t seem to exist at all, at least according to Realmeye’s server.

I wouldn’t be concerned if it were just for the HTTP errors, but it legitimately seems like the entire navigation tree of the Wiki (including the main page), all individual player profiles, as well as all pages in the Offers and Help sections, appear to be missing.
The forum is evidently still up, as well as the stastics-related pages I viewed, such as those pertaining to top/oldest players/guilds, and the pet rankings.

I sincerely apologize if there’s already been a forum post on this topic, or a maintenance notice. I haven’t been able to find anything, though.


if they have been deleted, there exist some recent snapshots of saved pages on the wayback machine which can help


I am sad to bring you the news that 1/3rd of realmeye servers died of monkeypox virus


Not all statistics-related pages are up.


WTF approx 1.1k view within a day after posting?

Almost all threads here nowadays didn’t get much view in short span of time.


its called trolling. we do a little trolling.


While the Realmeye forums are dead, realmeye remains a crucial and widely used website for rotmg


And now that only the forums are still working, it’d make sense that more people simply came here because there’s nowhere else to go.


probably because it’s a FAQ

i see people asking everywhere the same thing, on discord and the subreddit

confused people probably clicked this looking for a potential answer


I blame titles


Not for me. Wiki and Trading are not linked to statistics or connected to the game at all, and they are definitely down. Can you access them?


I can’t access them. I’m saying some statistics pages, such as Number of Players by Rank aren’t up.




Sorry if I misled you, or anyone else, into thinking that I had answers regarding the issue. I just intended this to be a PSA of sorts, as well as to (hopefully) draw the attention of site staff/administrators to the issue, if they somehow did not notice before. At this point, I’m sure they have.


Is it just me that can’t access their own profile?

4h later edit: it’s workin now


Thankfully the site is back up now :slight_smile: