RealmEye Trading- Scammer "poll"


So if you mark someone as a scammer nothing is happening you just mark for yourself.(i think)

My idea is to make maybe something like a poll on RealmEye Trading where you can choose if player is a scammer or a good merchant. A percent number of votes will show at your offert and the whole number of a votes will be showed on your profile.

So if i will have 20 good merchant Marks and 0 scammer marks at my offerts will be showed a green 100%, if i have around 50% collor will be changed to orange and if i have less that 20% It will be red.

You can vote only If you are logged in to realmeye.
You cant vote more that 5 times per day.

  • so anyone cant change reputation of merchants just for joke.

At your profile will be showed how many scammers marks you have and how many good merchant you have


Currently, if enough people mark then the person gets a red exclamation: ! next to all their offers, warning others of a potential scammer.

RealmEye have always been careful not to supply details of how this marker appears, I guess that is to prevent abuse or false reporting to harass other players.

I think it’s probably not worth setting up a “good trader” feedback as all it takes is for someone to do honest trading for a week, and then turn evil the next day, tricking people into thinking “oh they have 500 good reports I’ll trust them and go first” but the good feedback was earned only selling small price items, to set up a future scam for high prices.

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I didnt know ty


I remember on Wildshadow forums power buyers/sellers would have their own review thread. From my personal experience if there is an avenue to troll someone, trolling will occur. I had my own personal troll who harrassed me for months and gave negative reviews until mod intervention finally occured. Aside from that, people who have a negative experiences (ie he offers me 8l for item I have listed for Deca+1 and I refuse,) may lie out of spite. This system is fine. Nevov is also correct about the “long-con,” although that was more an issue in the past as the currency system is fairly stable (deca=8L, L=8Def, Def=minor pots.) Only thing Deca (the company) needs to resolve is the influx of mana pots. We need a pot worth exactly half a life. Most people simply do not have the space to be holding onto a chest of def pots.


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