RealmTrades is (Probably) Dead


Hello, forum. I remember when I and a bunch of other forumers tried to show that the website RealmTrades violated the ToS. Well, Deca underwent an investigation into the bots, and the website has been dead for about a month (?). I’m pretty sure this means that RealmTrades is dead forever. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, but everyone on the discord is pretty sure it’s dead. What do you think about the issue?


Ew merchers


Its not an issue.




So whats the current “maintenence?” is it just that they’re done?


Nice to see that they’re gone now.




Why? It just made it easier for people to trade.


idk, I was originally a part of the people that wasn’t fond of the idea but I used it a couple times so :man_shrugging:


It was a genuinely useful site, it made trading for pots really easy.


RIP anyone who had stuff given to the bots :x:


You’re right, it’s probably dead. The owner(s) posted this statement:


a while back, but given the sheer quantity of trades that had been up when the bots got banned, and the logistics of how to deliver these items even if the owners had the inventory (read: RealmEye Christmas items were delivered by a very very sleep deprived Jason), I highly doubt this will happen.

About the site itself, I always knew the risks and the general consequences of using such a site (hence why I interacted with the site through a mule) but for me the increased efficiency of certain trades justified these risks. Running chest events simply meant too many rainbow potions, and instead of throwing them on the ground, RealmTrades made it possible to convert them to life with little effort.

TLDR; I personally found it useful while it lasted, but had enough common sense to not put any valuable trades up so I didn’t lose anything. If RealmTrades or a similar service continues in the future, I would still use it for the aforementioned unless Deca explicitly forbids it.


thank god!


Kinda sucks that it’s gone, but deca did make it explicitly clear that realmtrades was against tos, so I don’t have too much sympathy for people who left their shit in bots.


In what way? Was it the fact that bots would do some actions?


its the fact that the bots are bots


Almost everything about it was against ToS. And there was the added fact that the bots were recycled meaning they were most likely used for real world trading before.


New update from RT discord:


It has been over a month we have been working on trying to get the bots unbanned. Unfortunately, Realm Trades wasn’t able to get the bots unbanned. We never got an official response from DECA other than (Since there was no response from our developers I am assuming that the accounts will remain banned.) from their support. Therefore, there is no possible way to recover any of the bots and the items on them!

Moreover, we aren’t quite sure if we should re-launch Realm Trades with new bots! We will be discussing possible solutions in the upcoming days and make a final announcement if we decide to re-launch Realm Trades or terminate it once and for all!

Realm Trades



Still remember when it was a new thing and youtubers advertised


Yeah, the RT person said that they may have 2 bots, public bots and backends, to store pots or to trade them so that even if the public bots got banned the backends would be able to retain their stuff.