Reconstruction Continues


Crosspost from the main site.

As the Halloween season fades, we wanted to officially announce what some of us have been working on for the next round of dungeon reconstruction!

Reconstruction Continues

Deadwater Docks , Woodland Labyrinth , and the Crawling Depths have all fallen behind the new standard we aimed to set (both aesthetically and mechanically) in the early game dungeons reworked during Month of the Mad God . We knew from the start that we wanted to prioritize revitalizing these dungeons next. Reimagined art, expanded dungeon mechanics, and more exciting boss fights will be making their way to these dungeons soon!

But that’s not all, as the Sprite World and Toxic Sewers are also receiving reworks! These dungeons have similarly fallen behind, and we aim to reduce the frustrations that both of these dungeons often bring to the process of maxing.

We’re excited to get to share some previews of these dungeons soon. Stay tuned!

Lastly, we want to share a warning from the team of why you should never trust a designer to make concept art.


Okay but where’s the fame rework?

Still a better drawing than I could do…


Actually hyped honestly, this is what updates to the game should be. New content, polished/revamped content, and QoL/bugfixes rather than STory of War XXVI


No changes to the sprite world soundtrack I hope …


I’m glad the sewers are getting revamped. Was anticipating it as well.


nah but seriously guys chill out with the updates, ur makin me regret takin classes :sob: :sob:


okay, now give us a realm reconstruction


I mean, it’s on the list, isn’t it?
Eventually… u,w,u
also is reconstruction going to be the new “exalted”


I clicked thinking I could get more hard hats ,a,


I was hoping that dang fame rework would finally happen


Sprite word rework? Uh-oh sounds like no more fast dexterity potion grinding.


hopefully getting rid of how easy it is to cheese sprite worlds on trix lol


o4: reconstructed oryx

throws bricks at you

coming 2022


Well, to be fair, Abby’s feel much faster after the rework, and the boss seems better, conceptually… I mean, I’d gotten used to the ways the old Abby’s would misdirect you down pat, but regardless.

Ons seperate note, I hope those dumb starts get removed or reworked, though. :angry: I strongly disliked that addition. If they sparkled in and out like some other old games sure, but they look like I’m starting at some dirty monitor.


I’m still waiting for ANOTHER Lair of Draconis rework, but just changing the drop rates and balancing every dragon, because the green one overshadows the rest


Honestly lod looks very nice, but the boss fights and drop rates could use some work.


Yeah. I never get loot from LODs, just do red for the chance for that skin and if they do black second I’ll stay for a chance at celestial but other than that I’ll just leave.


My only complaint is it’s drop rates vs. the Cem’s drop rates. But that’s always been an issue, even before the rework.