Reconstruction Teasers



I expect a slight decrease of demand of Def pots after the rework comes by.


New mountain gods, holy crap

Also, new wlab looks beautiful


This is a game changer boys

am hyped


I think I’m most excited for the godlands changes; the realm really needs more updates, and I see this as a move in the right direction.


please no game breaking bugs


As far as I know the last rework dungeon release didn’t come with bugs but yeah fingers crossed


There’s not really much disappointment from me beyond a couple of aesthetic preferences getting changed! I can’t wait.


Please sewers event


Oh, heck no! Those kill the magic of a dungeon for people faster than anything else, it seems. And it’s such a minor dungeon that we’d destroy it repeatedly. :confused:


Is Sewers old? It didn’t exist before my long absence. Can’t say I’m excited about a Sprite World change. I like it just fine the way it is. Limon could use some help though.


Not super old but old.


Sewers is one of the early DECA era dungeons, so yeah, kind of.


It was released in October 2016


Are those uomo’s sprites of some of the gods? Looks like Medusa is I think?

Video for reference of 2012 era Uomo’s sprites, some guys made it into a reskin back then:

Edit: Uomo’s sprites have been used before without credit, for reference, the reaper pet image


fix game, instead of pushing out new content :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s these things, if you want a better look:

And no, the Medusa going into prod is different from the one in that vid you linked.


Yes but I want sts and whites!


That’s literally what reconstruction is about


Isn’t every update a game changer - In its own way?