Reconstruction Update


Hello Reconstructors!

We can finally share when the second MotMG: Reconstruction update will be - tomorrow (October 15th)!

You already know what’s to come, but let’s recap:

  • The new Premium Vault - Time to make room for your pots!

  • Unified Vault UI - Peruse your stash with filters and find exactly what you need with a simple search!

  • New XP distribution - Do we need to say more? Well, yes, but more on that tomorrow!

The latter will bring lots of changes in the XP distribution in both dungeons and in the realm. The fame bonuses that weapons have will be removed with this release and replaced by an XP multiplier with a later release. That being said, we wanted to once again remind you to kill any characters that you have designed with the current Well Equipped fame bonus for maximized farming in mind, the other fame bonuses changes will come at a later date.

Please follow our partnered content creators as they will get their first look at new stuff already today!

With tomorrow’s release we will be also giving out free pack of pet food and a second fame box, so make sure to check the in-game store!

The October Login Calendar’s biggest prize yet is now available for the grabs for those who have logged in every day so far! And for those who haven’t, as long as you login in a total of at least 14 days this month, you still can get the free Char Slot!

We also wanted to say congrats to the determined people who have already fully exalted their first class! And those are:

  • Blue -> Warrior

  • CrayKiller -> Paladin

  • CandyShi -> Warrior (and on his way to exalt Wizard too!)

  • Cushmara -> Necromancer

  • Tigobittie -> Sorcerer

  • Vorkath -> Paladin

  • Lordthedos -> Paladin

  • iEdvis -> Assassin

  • Aryio -> Warrior

  • Cacapourri -> Warrior

  • Xxdxeathxx -> Trickster

  • Vorkath -> Paladin

And keep on the lookout for High Tech Terror - its gates will open soon!

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Pay your respects for the forgotten exalted pally Craykiller

Edit - They fixed it



Dam that’s actually insane you can count players with fully exalted chars on one hand…thought there’d be more. And I know all of them too :smiley: congrats @blue @craykiller @cushmara @candyshi @vorkath @tigobittie

Also everyone legit afaik which makes me even happier :hugs:

Gndradumsed and quit btw


There’s a lot more

tbh if they replaced vorkath with cray, it’d be the first 5 exalted chars listed there, which would make sense.


Wait wot is my reading comprehension 0/10, whomstdve else have gamer characters

Edit: nvm list updated


Time to get more Loot Tier potions!


Honestly just remove them from the game lol


The real GOAT is @IEdvis, exalting the best class in the game


For real tho, actually love that guy


PRC anthem earrape intensifies






Can we see a comparison of the fame we get now (with the current bonuses) and the would be bonuses after the fame rework update so we can decide if we need to kill a character for its fame now?


Why kill yourself now, when you could live for so much longer?


i just like the dye on some of my characters tbh lol