Recording software?


Hey guys. Which recording software should I use to record rotmg? Obs? shadowplay? bandicam?


OBS because if you stream and you alt tab it doesn’t show the tab it shows Realm. Also it’s just better in general

Here are my settings for streaming. If you have a beast computer I recommend this

These settings are for my recording


I’ve used Bandicam for a while now. If you have OBS, just put all of it on Twitch and clip what you want from there.


Your cell phone


OBS is definitely great, been my first choice since I switched laptops.




I take screenshots 60 times every second and paste them onto Powerpoint. When you want to play it back, just click through the slides super fast. Voila!


Just making a small poll so we don’t have comments saying the same thing

  • OBS
  • Shadowplay
  • Bandicam
  • Other (Feel free to comment)

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Could you actually do this? Like have a macro?


Windows + G on Windows 10 computers is nice and pre installed!


60 times every second is probably too fast, but for slower speeds, probably


wut abt 24 SS/sec?




Unregistered hypercam 2 is the superiorest.


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