Recruiting for beginner-friendly guild



Hey all, APESTOGETHER is a beginner-friendly guild for players who want to improve at the game. Once we expand and have more players, we want to do guild raids for dungeons of all levels. No specified time-zone.


  • 1 8/8 character
  • English-speaking guild
  • No cheaters

How to apply:

Message Gauchie on Realmeye or in-game, or reply here (I will be keeping an eye on this thread).


Does the 8/8 have to be alive?


How does that work?


If you think about, after the 22nd most people will have an 8/8 character.


And how long do you think those characters will live for?


Fair point


I don’t think a single 8/8 requirement is asking for too much, and as someone mentioned there will be candy packs available and daily login rewards will add up, assuming you are playing somewhat regularly. However, if you are unable to maintain an 8/8 character but are willing to be an active member of the guild, exceptions can be made. We are in the early stages of recruitment so nothing is set in stone. Send me a message if you’d still like to join :slight_smile:


Hello Gauchie, I’m a technically new player with a rogue and necro who are unmaxed. I know you said that it’s laid back and I’d like a place to just chill while I figure out the new things in the Exalt version of the game, since I haven’t played since flash.


Hey, my in game name is Deggi, I have a 6/8 with over 5k fame, can I still join the guild?


looking for a guild, USA player with 8/8 and 6/8 characters. RainMakur


Would like to join the guild