Recruiting for Gin




good thing you posted this here, if you posted this of the reddit it would essentially be insanity


Dudes in Reddit believe that Gin are bunch of cheaters ph34r


i mean, bert advertised for bert guild before B)


There was that time when Gin hacked a discord server…


Just got back from a break. Interesting… reddit vs here community is quite different xD


Perks of being in gin

  • Free blacklist from basicly every good server
  • Reputation go poof
  • Other degenerates that love sucking cock


ill join! @Slodiiiiii






Can i please join? I have 50k fame and discord.


im itnrretesed


This name looks really familiar… Didn’t you guys hack some discords or something? Wasn’t a Gin member recently banned for IP connecting too?


Ignore the obvious problems. They want people to have 20k alive fame so they must have high standards. . .


hugh is gin bad? a guy from gin is an rl in null, which is an anti-hacker discord.


Pfff, null? anti-hacker? Not at all. Null is nearly Wonderland 2.0 in my eyes. One RL in there even talked about it before. They are “”“hacker neutral”"" but that means nothing.

Or maybe your post is sarcastic and I completely missed it. I think it is sarcasm. Oh well I already typed this


gin my beloved


I guess i should do that aswell thanks for the idea! c:


so you wanna join ?


oh god i didn’t know i only did like 1-2 null runs and most elitist discords ive used have been anti-hacker so i thought that null was to