Recruiting for the Inquisition


If you would like to assist in my Inquisition, please post any usernames of players you have seen hacking, thank you.
(and what hack they were using)
Example: Oryxlll noclipping


FYI: we try to discourage hack reports and shaming of individual players who use hacks here. It often devolves into arguments and there’s little we can do about it ourselves. Instead we encourage everyone interested to gather proof and send it over to Deca so they can take appropriate action.


You mean your crazy aimless vendetta

No. We don’t do that here.

Good times


You were close but it’s “vendetta”!!



I’ve seen a recent drop in hackers though…?


You should try playing with the rotmg reddit discord


I’ll pass :wink:


Better yet the train discord


Just send him a message with the names.


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