Recruiting for TheJuice


The Juice

Hello! we’re a guild that is full of shitters and we’re looking to raise the guild in the leaderboards!
Our guild is English speaking both in vc’s and in text/guild channels.
We do monthly giveaways, contests, and more!


  • 10k base fame in total.
  • Activity in both discord and game (Staying in guild discord is a must).
  • The guilds language is English so a basic understanding of English is required.
  • Knowledge in some endgame dungeons.
  • We are anti hack and anti crash.
  • Time zone doesn’t matter.
  • Inactivity of 20+ days without letting staff know will get you removed the guild. If you let staff know beforehand we will wait longer given the situation.


  • Keys.
  • Contests.
  • Our own hp pot man.
  • Monthly giveaways and some random ones by chad people.
  • Players willing to help others learn endgame dungeons.
  • Players that are willing to help max your characters.

How to apply:

Apply through the discord server

Recruiting for The Juice

hi am noob! can I get inviet? pls?


bro why does wis/vit exalts matter?


Because they make difference for IC/OoC.


Still shouldn’t matter.


Because we want people that can do all endgame dungeons consistently
I mean doing 5 crystal caverns should not be that hard to do


it isn’t but fungal/cc also aren’t difficult right? Also now that you can see completes wouldn’t it make more sense to look at completes then at the exalts themselves? But still I get what you’re trying to do. gl recruiting!


If the completes are fixed sure thing we will look at them!


I’ve talked to the owner and we’ve changed the reqs to only 15 void completes.


boopity bapity bump




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