Recruiting to Great Tomb of Nazari!


Great Tomb of Nazari

We are a guild and discord community that recruits active players who are looking for people to chat, laugh or just play together.
We offer raid dungeons, keys, a pleasant, non-toxic atmosphere and our own unique discord bot, which shows real-time statistics of the guild and its members, as well as the latest events on in-game servers. Our main location is USWest.


  • Language: English only;
  • Be an active player;
  • No Toxicity;
  • Having a discord account;
  • We welcome everyone, from beginners to old players;
  • Inactivity of 5+ days without letting staff know will get you removed the guild. If you let staff know beforehand we will wait longer given the situation.

How to apply:

Apply through the discord server.


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you guys still recruiting?