Redeemed a lot of skins but don't see them when I switch to the right class.



I play on Steam.

I thought I was redeeming the wrong class’ skins for a minute because I couldn’t see them in my appropriate class skin choice, but I just got the classic Warrior skin. Redeemed it on my wizard, got the confirmation. Switched to my warrior - no skins available when trying to change skins.

I’ve redeemed pretty much all of the dark antinomy skins on my archer and wizard… any way I can have them available in my account ? You can probably see that I used about 4-5 of them but I do not own these skins right now. It sucks that I don’t have these skins available since some of them I had to earn !

Thanks a lot for your help !


Don’t think anyone can tell what skins you own unless you’ve been seen using them. Have you activated the skins out of your gift chest?


did you try relogging? if not, you should probably do that right now.


A bug during earlier Exalt prevented you from selecting skins you had unlocked during that login session. I didn’t experience it in a while, so it may just be a rare occurance.

Like Rabcord said, try closing and re-opening the game from the launcher.


I dunno if this is exactly what you looking for, but realmeye shows my new skins only after i change them on an active character and have been in the nexus using that skin.
If i change skins in the vault only shortly, and dont go to nexus with a new skin, it wont get registered.

Sorry if im off-topic, but in dont understand what redeemed means (english isnt my 1st language)


I have the same problem, but never saw the stone statue knight. Its been the second time this particular skin refused to show up.


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