Redox’s OSPE Deux


Just when you finally forgot I existed, I came back to torture myself all over again!

I tried bard on the first one (here) since I’d barely played that class prior .
So there’s this new class and I tried it out just yesterday, I’m pretty impressed to be honest so I’ll be trying it out and attempting to 8/8 the lad.

So, this is how it works:

petlessOrganised Set Player Experience

It is essentially a mix between a OPE (Organised Player Experience) and a Set Player Experience - if that exists.

Basically I must get an entire set of a specific tier before I can wear it and progress to the next tier, this is how the order will go:

Stage 1: T1 Weapon + T1 Ability + T1 Armor + T1 Ring
Stage 2: T2 Weapon + T1 Ability + T2 Armor + T1 Ring
Stage 3: T3 Weapon + T2 Ability + T3 Armor + T2 Ring

Stage 4: T4 Weapon + T2 Ability + T4 Armor + T2 Ring
Stage 5: T5 Weapon + T3 Ability + T5 Armor + T3 Ring
Stage 6: T6 Weapon + T3 Ability + T6 Armor + T3 Ring

Stage 7: T7 Weapon + T4 Ability + T7 Armor + T4 Ring
Stage 8: T8 Weapon + T4 Ability + T8 Armor + T4 Ring
Stage 9: T9 Weapon + T5 Ability + T9 Armor + T5 Ring

Stage 10: T10 Weapon + T5 Ability + T10 Armor + T5 Ring
Stage 11: T11 Weapon + T6 Ability + T11 Armor + T6 Ring
Stage 12: T12 Weapon + T6 Ability + T12 Armor + T6 Ring
Stage 13: T12 Weapon + T6 Ability + T13 Armor + T6 Ring

Final Stage: Entire UT/ST Set (Interchangeable)

I’ll only be allowed to use UT’s and ST’s that have dropped after I reach Stage 13, anything that I do get for my class before that will either be fed, dropped or vaulted, but I am not allowed to pick up items from any further stages than the one I’m on, so this is going to be painfully slow.

When I progress with rings, I must have the same type drop before I can progress to the next tier, however I’ll be allowed to carry 3 different types. So I can’t pick up a T2 HP ring without having the T1 HP Ring, or the T2 MP Ring without having the T1 MP ring first, etc etc.

I will only be picking up items from lootbags (brown excluded), no public chests (Red Demons, Cyclops Gods or Oasis Giant chests).
I’ll also be including screenshots of potion drops that do not drop from the typical dungeon that they’re farmed for :))))

I’ll also be maxing stats in order or accessibility/rarity in said order:

Speed > Dexterity > Wisdom > Vitality > Defence > Attack > Mana > Life

Attempt 1

I think I gotta change server…

Eh, good enough.
For some reasons the realms keep appearing and disappearing, I’m so confused.


Guess we’re starting it off with a vit ring

Remember, kids: Piracy is stealing!

Stage 1 Complete

Stage 2 Complete

Gotta do these for t2 abilities/rings and t4/5 weapons and armours

Stage 3 Complete

Stage 4 Complete

First speed

Wasn’t expecting this

Guess I’ll use this and do a spider den since Greater Attack seems to be the main ring that drops from there

Stage 5 Complete

Stage 6 Complete

There we go


Damn, good spider den tbh

Also I got a loot booster thingy from one of the eggs, didn’t feel it was significant enough to ss

Well there you have it, I think I’ll leave it here today. I’ll take another stab at it tomorrow.


Redox is back again? :eyes:


Definitely. 1st year of Uni is done until September for me so I finally get to have fun again!


imo there’s no need to share ALL your pot drops. last couple to max + gear is enough


Alright, let’s give this another crack today. I’m gonna try to max speed and maybe a little portion of my dex.


From le egg

For the pot rooms

Aaaaaand it’s gone.

But I’ll just restart and post progress from where I got to on this one

So I kinda took a good week’s break cos there are still a couple Uni assignments I have to work on before the shackles are completely broken, but I should temporarily be back for a couple days before I start working on the next one.

Attempt 2

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

(The last one despawned)

Why not i guess

after a billion years


Stage 5

First snake pit speed, I’ll show the last one when I max it like the dude above suggested

Oh cool a sceptre

Stage 6




First stat maxed by the same bugger who murdered my last one, nice conclusive end to the day…
And there we have it, that’s all tonight, I’ll give dex a crack tomorrow