Redox's Custom Chrismas PFP's


So, basically I’ve found an interest in making custom pixel art PFP’s for other’s on this forum and already feeling festive. :christmas_tree::sweat_smile:

If you want me to make you one reply with:

  • Picture of Character/Skin or Enemy Sprite you want and picture of pet you want with it [optional].

  • Describe you background (can be a dungeon, or simply not have a background at all)

  • If you have any particular dyes and cloths you would like on your character just send me a picture or describe which colors should go where. (

It doesn’t necessarily have to be profile pictures, they can be used for normal art if you would like that.
They’re made on a 60x60 canvas, but exceptions can be made of you want more than one character in the picture.

Here are some of pieces I made yesterday:

Without Background:
image, image

With Background
image, image, image

So again, if you’d like one just specify what character, pet and background you’d like and I’ll get to work.

Thank you for reading :smile::+1:


I’ll take one, I don’t already have a christmas pfp so I need to get one.

Character: Lady Knight skin with a large red dye and a small green dye.
Pet: none.
Background: any of the three backgrounds you already have would work, they look pretty good.



Do a christmas platinum warrior skin with a lil davy pet skin and whatever background you want!
Edit: Stop Plagiasing from the internet!
Fluffegan is very jealous and angery >:[
Pls don’t hurt me dad ily @Redox


It’s a snow construct version of my first pfp, although I think you would have to remake it through piskel (sorry, I am just really used to the art maker)

If possible permafrost lord in the background would be awesome




So at this point should I think that mods will not ban me or what?


I would like one with the snowman knight and a party crow pet skin with a red body and green tie. For the background I would like a santa’s workshop background with like a few presents here and there’

edit i changed color @Redox



Is this alright?


yeah that looks really good, thanks!


makes a pfp for christmas despite asking to be banned.


smh ark wasting 2 minutes of precious time


Can you add a Santa hat to my profile pic?


They aren’t the most active

I was sort of hoping that when NotFour was happening would get them a lot more active
Only OtherBill and Doc are still active however I will occasionally see @Stupidity and @Pfiffel (But I haven’t in months




Yo redox if you could take my trickster and make a PFP of it that would be super cool. These pfp’s that ur douing are really great.


Of course I can :smile: just post a picture of it here and tell me what background you’d like.


mini geb skin with blue thing pet, if possible could you have ice cave in the background? ty


I dont have a profile picture but I would love it if you could make me one with my knight and pet in it!46%20PM



Like this?


That’s pretty good, the santa hat was unneeded but its still cool lol


I can remove santa hat if you want.