Redox's Custom Chrismas PFP's


Niko the Defiler with mini void entity maybe background in the void
please that would look really cool


Can you do Mad Dwarf with Christmas hat on with a duck pet in the background? :smiley:






How am I plagiarizing?

I would never hurt you, love you too @Fluffegan :smile:


I hope you like it

Forgot to add ground contors, sorry


You want the actual boss?




ooh do me
necromancer with feargus big dye and the pyrr small dye
background is uhhh snowy pirate cave unless u cant do that then just pirate cave


Of course I can do that bro :smile:.
You’ll be waiting a little while though, since I have some others to do.


ok ty :smile:


Yes Bauss


this is amazing


thanks so much!


Yeah, sorry for the wait. I’ll start it in 3-4 hours.



I’m sorry this took so long, I tried to perfect it as well as I could. The ground took me the longest to replicate since it’s using perspective projection.
Hope you like it anyway. :smile::+1:


Can you do this:
But with a little santa hat and gloves?


Damn! That’s awesome! I like the little golem of anger in the background.


You want it with the same eye color and tear coming out?

Also, are you sticking with transparent background or do you want a special one?


Can u make a penguin knight christmas skin without dyes and a reindeer skin with the snowman background?