Redox's Custom Chrismas PFP's


Sure, you’ll be waiting a couple days though, sorry. Others are still waiting in the queue, but I’ll still try to do it as soon as I’ve finished those.


When you have time could you try to make one with my Necromancer (Anubis skin w/ Dim Gray clothing dye and a Small Skull cloth), and my Lichwyrm pet in a Ghost King setpiece, with a little orange bag in the background? A Leviathan peeking around the corner of the walls would be cool but I could really care less about the leviathan in all honestly.


Can I have an Explorer Warrior Large dark red dye and small white dye wearing a Christmas hat.
Please do the Christmas night background.
White drake pet please


Oooh! I’ll take one! Can it be a B.B. wolf (no dyes) with a doom steed pet with a Christmas background and a snowman (the first example) Thanks!
(posting again)


love to see what u can make!! also with a wintery background if you can ;w;


Damn you got a lot of pfps to make :sweat_smile:


Fetch me a picture of your Necromancer please, then I can replicate skin a bit more accurately.


I know, you asked before lol. It’s just gonna take me some time since there’s a queue…you kinda just set yourself towards the back of the queue too :no_mouth:


Uh… Yeah, with the eyes and the tears.

Also, the background could be a blizzard.


Eh its fine. I really don’t care. It’ll probably be my profile pic for a long time anyways, so I don’t really need it be Christmas. :slight_smile: Take your time.


Idk if you needed my pet as well, but here it is :>


Lol it was kinda obvious by your profile picture already.


This is really cool. Can you post just the plain background. I’d be happy to edit my own all I really need is the background. If you could do that, that would be great.
doesn’t matter which one, all of them look great.

(I would have you make me one but I know you have quite a few to do so I’ll save you time and make it myself.)

Thank you in advance. :smiley:


Tell me how you want your background to look then, I’ll get round to it on the weekend when I have time.


any of the ones you’ve already made is fine ty


I don’t make them separately sorry.
I make the character first and build the background around it so no two are the same.


oh ok I guess I’ll have this

on whatever background the snow one with the trees are fine

Thank you


can u change mine pet to aquarius? image instead of party crow


…Well I can but it’s going to take me a while.
Though there may not be enough colors on the pallette for it, so if anything I may not be able to.


Ok that fine idc really