Redox's Custom Chrismas PFP's


Oooooo yes please, how about a Huntsman with a santa hat and festive colors with the black background with snowflakes and a battle penguin pet thanks!


Xd so greedy and eager lol


i’m feeling festive


Cool! Can you make Mad Dwarf Paladin skin with silver clothing dye and white accessory dye with pet mini stone oryx.
Any background works fine.


Please attach a picture I the skin with dyes so I have a reference.




Can I have one of my mystic, my healbot, and the middle background? :smile:


Please link the images of them.


o my bad, how do I do that lol I dont use realmeye forums much


Just screenshot them, and copy-paste works here.


damn this is amazing


No pet, so sorry about that, just running low on time.


Thats hot


i would like a mini hallowd necro skin with white skull and any backround no pet


Really depressed that I found out about this just now and I’m not in the holiday spirit anymore.


Hey, I know you must be busy, so sorry if you’re working on them, but how much longer will it be until you start working on mine? :grin:


Did I not do yours?
I guess I didn’t, but I missed out a chunk of other people’s too. If you want one it’ll have to be next year Christmas since I’m a lot busier now.


Oh.Well ok then.


an 8/8 grave with a christmas hat for next year would cool if you ever find the time


Christmas pfp warning