Regarding Speedy and Hexed in the Mad Lab



So recently, in one of the more recent patch updates, there was a change made to the Speedy buff with the Ninja, one of the fixes being the Ninja not being able to Speedy while Quiet (To be honest, I always had assumed the Ninja was able to Speedy while Quiet to characterize its stealth, and give it that perk over other classes where its kit isn’t usually niche). I think that this is a reasonable fix, but it did come with some other issues.

Mainly, the Mad Lab Green and Blue Water. (Do I call it Water?) Formerly, if you were Speedy in a Mad Lab as a Ninja and ran through the Green Water, an additional green Speedy buff indicator would appear over your head and would remain until you ran through Blue Water. This second Speedy, Lab Speedy, we’ll call it, would not further affect the Speedy of the Ninja, so you would not be moving at 4x the traversion speed, etc.

However, because of the changes made to Speedy, the interactions in the Mad Lab have been made extremely inconvenient for Ninja players. You might have noticed that running through Green Water will not grant you a Lab Speedy (I assumed Deca may have inadvertently or intentionally merged the two almost-twin statuses) and running through Blue Water while you are speedy will not un-Stun and un-Hex you until you have enough Mana to cast your Ninja Star throw one time.

I think that the latter change (if not the former for Quiet Speedy as well) should be reverted or addressed in a way that does not require for you to regenerate mana to unjinx your character. Especially if you have a high tier ninja star and no pet, reverting from a Hexed state would be anything from tedious to arduous and these changes do anything but put the Ninja back in the conversation as a viable class selection.

These are just my thoughts and findings upon first trial and please let me know if I made a mistake.


From 3 days ago: If you're hexed in a lab and hold spacebar on a ninja, then the blue goo won't unhex you

I’ll close your topic as a duplicate, if you want to make any additional comment on that earlier topic that you think isn’t covered, since you’ve written quite a good explaining job of it, please feel free to do so.