Regarding the zlushy ban


His life meaning is funny

going into forums to waste time typing lelxd and stuff


out of the surprising 1/100 useful posts, zlushy got banned for those other 99


Being unintentionally funny =/= being intentionally funny.

And besides, that’s too sad to be really funny anyway.


still funny

That’s your opinion.
Im looking on the other side.



gotta stay bright


There’s a difference between making a joke and being a joke.

Yes, and I’m always right. Always.


zlushy wasnt even a joke he was more like the one cancer cell that wont get removed


but why does it matter for being funny eeeeeeeeeeeeee

well, i can’t dismiss it…



Hopefully my gimmick has remained timeless. :sunglasses:


You mean OhhBee


The duration of zlushys ban is meant to signify permanence. Suspensions on discourse require a duration.

You may be interested in my post on this thread, as it is related:


that’s about what I figured was going on, although the clarification helps loads as I am not an authority on forum moderation.


Well for zlushy, people were practically begging for him to be banned.


He was my minion


talking about bans, waht turnned xSpinattackx into a banned after he got reg?


Looking back at his posts, probably being a dick and antagonizing people left and right for no reason.


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You literally said it.

Can’t understand it?

Stupidity, banned by your truly, @Stupidity


pretty much the song to summarize how everyone feels about him


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