Remove characeter revive from deca support


as everyone know there isnt away to revive a rotmg character
######and add new category call Request Character maxing
######it basically player get Apple of Extreme Maxening


It has its purpose. No.[quote=“Panytnaa, post:1, topic:11017”]
and add new category call Request Character maxing

“Request 14 8/8’s” works for me.


so what is it purpose then
if u cant get your 8/8 char revive


I believe it is just an automated message telling people they do not revive characters.
It’s there to filter out the character revive tickets so the support team can focus on more important things.


I thought that there was a way to revive characters, but it’s barely ever done, only in situations were you can prove that you shouldn’t have died.


They can revive deleted characters because they are still in the system, but dead characters are removed so it’s not that simple.
They do have full control over the game tho, so they can just give people an exact copy of the dead character, but unless you can prove with 100% certainty that the death was deca’s fault they won’t do anything.
And since lag spikes, which I believe is the main culprit of “deca revive pls”, is reliant on the individuals computer and internet connection it doesn’t count as deca’s fault.


This is correct. Because on a death the game gives you the fame bonuses, gives your account the death fame, maybe gives you a class quest completion (star ranking), and makes a graveyard entry on your account. All of this gets recorded within your dead character’s stats and within your whole account, and it would take a large effort for a dev to go in and undo all of this manually, editing line by line.

On the odd occasions when they have done a “revive”, like @JonassMann says, I believe they actually found it simpler to make a clone copy of the dead character, instead of doing an actual resurrection.

On a delete, because the game hasn’t changed any character data with death info, only (I believe) one line of code changes from “active” to “deleted”, or similar, it is straightforward for Deca to just go in and reactivate that character into an empty character slot.

@ OP yes the category/message is just to bat away people who try to get a revive because people are always going to be asking for this, it just saves them effort.

Deca don’t read these forums though, so if you want to speak to Deca and make suggestions about their feedback, you need to contact them direct. Although I’m sure they know what they want on their own support page for categories, so I don’t see any point.

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THey put that there with a botted response


Put yourselves in their shoes. People will always and forever think that some death was unfair, and the emotional effect of the death is multiplied by it being permanent. There will forever be people asking for a resurrection despite the devs saying many times in many places it won’t happen.

So, they expect these requests in large-ish numbers. Why then deal with all of them individually? That wastes time that would better be spent on other support requests that they actually do something about.

By having a category dedicated to catching these requests, they can basically route them to a trash can and make the system provide an automated reply.

Just a quick clarification. Neither dead nor deleted characters are removed. They’re all still there. Dead characters just happen to have negative values for their HP, and I think an isDead flag set to true. But like Nevov said, there’s a domino effect of other changes that occur as a result of a death, and those things are much harder to unwind. This is why the past mass-resurrection-after-hack events have resulted in all kinds of bonuses for those players effected: they kept their fame, got extra character slots, etc.


They don’t revive anyone unless it’s a major event from what I’ve seen as I sent a video with my character dying from the “no escape from this dungeon glitch”, in the request item category, and they just game me the copy-pasted message if you die (different to the revive one).


Pretty much. A bit of history:

The big hack where someone got ahold of an admin account and spawned enemies over the spawn in the nexus killed 1000’s, maybe even 10’s of 1000’s of players. The game shut down for ~2 weeks while they cleaned up the mess, and when it came back up Kabam had resurrected tons of people. I think they followed some rules such as a minimum amount of fame, maxed stats, etc instead of just reviving 100% of deaths. These people not only had their characters returned with all the equipment, but also got extra character slots in cases where all slots were full when the game went down.

Shortly afterward, a number of high profile players had their accounts broken into. The source of this was determined to be the same person who had earlier “hacked” the game using the stolen admin account, because the method they used to get the admin info also gave them everyone’s forum email addresses and passwords. Because Kabam could make a definitive link between the earlier hacker and the account break-ins, they decided to restore the accounts of these newly exploited people. However, that they were doing this wasn’t made clear by Kabam, and some of the people who got restored bragged about this. A huge backlash resulted from non-hacked players saying it was unfair some people got what looked like preferential treatment and resurrections while others didn’t. Kabam ended up stopping the revives, saying basically “we tried to be the good guys, but if this is how the community is going to react then we’re stopping all individual revives, no matter the circumstance”.

And that’s how we got to where we are today.



That brings me back…


There is a way, just the policy of DECA is

Well, I agree. No point of having that there, except the one point that without it, all the n00bs will go to miscellaneous support and clog the system.


is that the reason why my email get response SO SLOW?


or for deletions


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