Remove UB rings from o3 drop table


That’s it, like the title says, pretty complete idea here… just remove ub rings from o3 drop table for <3 pls


as much as I hate getting ub rings, its still more loot than not having them at all


Why so? You still have the chance of getting UBHP than other so-called “trash non-HP UB rings”.


Why? Unb rings don’t make it any less likely to get other loot, it just means you’re more likely to get loot in general. They’re also still relevant by that point in the game, being the best tiered rings

DECA doesn’t need to remove them because you got pissed that one time you got an unb vit, you still wouldn’t have got anything if unb vit couldn’t drops, it wouldn’t magically turn it into a weapon


how bout we just dont make them red bags lmao


I’d be cool with them being removed. I’d love if they weren’t in red bag though.


make deca drop in o3 as its basically t7 hp and no1 uses any other ub rings

Just a whole lotta polls

Why the hell you want Deca ring drop in O3? It belong in Fungal (and Crystal) Cavern. That’s not logical.

UBHP/Deca ring need some therapy. They overused WTH…

Well, I use them.


ok but not many people use them.


Then remove UBHP and Deca and let’s see about that!


why would anyone do that?!


Because they are vastly OP to the point that no one wants non-HP UB rings.


its just the way defense works in this game… only better than hp rings @ 10 shots


not hp’s ring’s fault


Then buff the rainbows so dudes at least would use them (including UBVit).


i agree maybe +15


To jump back on topic, yeah, I think not making them red bag drops would be great too.

And as far as the usefulness/balancing of ub rings, there are other threads in these forums discussing those aspects. I wouldn’t care if they were nerfed or buffed, I still want tops when I see a red bag from o3, not some ring I can obtain 10 other places in the game.


it’s not like you run o3

I’d rather it be a cyan


Feel free to vote here.
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