Replace the Unbound rings from Oryx 3 with Deca Ring


Deca Ring already functions like a T7 ring and there’s nothing more disappointing than getting a red bag and having it be UB Vit or UB Wis (I’ve had both now in my 8 completions of the dungeon). Deca Ring is literally the best tradable ring in the game. Why wouldn’t Oryx drop that? Unbound rings are literally drops from Shatters and other easier dungeons. It’s very clear that Oryx 3 is on an entirely different level than Shatters. The difficulty of the fight does not warrant Unbound rings being in its drop table. The minibosses? Sure. I’m fine with them dropping Unbound rings. But Oryx 3? No no no. Please just replace the one guaranteed Unbound ring drop per group with Deca ring instead. It would also help put an actual flow of Decas into the market which would in turn decrease the amount of people who RWT for Deca rings. Currently getting a red bag and having it be an Unbound ring just feels like a massive slap in the face.

I know that others have mentioned another solution which would be to give the new tops a bag of their own. At that point though, the only red bag you could get from Oryx would be the Unbound rings. That doesn’t really make sense to me if all other drops from him are either tops or a white bag item so I don’t really agree with giving a new bag to these items. Also, we don’t need a new bag for every tier. I think it makes sense that both the Lost Halls tops and Oryx 3 tops share the same bag. We should keep it that way so that they don’t have to introduce a new bag for literally every new tier they add into the game.

Anyway, remove the UB rings and replace them with Deca. That’s all I have to say. If I get one more UB Vit from Oryx 3 I’m going to throw my keyboard out my window.


I’m very curious on why DECA is holding off on releasing T7 rings… Like come on, it’s literally been 7 years since T6 rings came out. The only plausible reason I can think of is them leaving deca rings in a weird place, but buffing them and changing them to tradable versions of T7 HP rings is an easy solution.


deca; RiNg Of DeCaDeS dRoPs FrOm FuNgAl AnD cRyStAl CavErN


I think it’s a good idea, making Deca rings drop from O3 would make sense and also as you said decrease RWT.


LOL, I will pay you 1 def or 1 mana per each UB rainbow rings. I wanted them. Hook me up.


They continue to say that the current tiered rings are “balanced” and that new tiered rings are not needed, but this is plainly and simply false. They could create T7 rings and balance them so that the HP ring has 200HP which is certainly very reasonable and not unbalanced. The rest of them could give +15 of each stat and would actually be really balanced. There are already items in the game that give, for example, +15 ATT or DEX.

From what I can tell, the only reason they are holding off on a new tier of rings is perhaps they’re planning another dungeon for them.

But yeah, I think DECA would be the most fitting drop for O3 assuming they don’t release a new tier of rings anytime soon.


I would use those stats to buff the tiered ring.


This is the opposite of what we’re saying. Tiered rings are not balanced as they are now, nor are any tiered item types aside from arguably abilities as far as progression is concerned. We considered T7 rings from O3 and ultimately decided against it for this very reason. Until tiered rings are in a spot where A. The progression matches their rarity and B. Health rings aren’t the obvious only choice by an enormous margin, adding T7 rings would add nothing but power creep for the sake of it. Never say never on T7 rings, but it won’t be as they are now.


It’s good to hear the status on this, albeit limited. Those rings have fueled so many debates or outright feuds between players. I’ve mostly ignored it up until recently with IC/OOC coming up, so my curiosity is peaked!


Thank you for clearing this up! I really appreciate it. I feel like I’ve heard a load of different answers to this from multiple DECA team members.

That makes complete and total sense. It would make sense for current tiered rings to be reworked in some way before adding the next tier.

However, they still feel out of place dropping from Oryx 3. I hope that there are some changes to the tiered rings to make them more useful in the future so that these top tier rings are actually a satisfying drop to get from Oryx 3 and not a disappointment.


Maybe they could drop from Shatters 2.0 if it’s made close to Sanctuary in tier. But tier 7 rings should also be balanced with Sanctuary rings kept in mind if they are ever added, the T7 HP for example would have to be significantly stronger than current deca not because of powercreep but merely just to match progression and properly compete with say, Exalted God’s Horn imo.
Very much appreciate rebalancing the rarity and/or strength of all tiered gear in general beforehand tho.


o_o it feels so much more recent than that. dang


As much as I want Shatters 2.0 to be another fun and interesting dungeon, I don’t think having it be made super difficult would be a good thing for the game. I think it needs to stay around the same difficulty (around the same difficulty as nest). There’s always been a good progression in difficulty from Oryx 2 to Shatters to Lost Halls and I think it should stay that way. Shatters would just feel awkward if it was made that much more difficult.

But on the off chance that they do make it more difficult, it could be cool to have new rings drop there.


Remove t6 rings from o3 completelly, why suddenly stuff that drops from cult hideout and shatters ends up in o3… Don’t get that


And then people complain about their blue bags.


Idk about you but to me Shatters has always been ridiculously easy compared to Nest, the bosses are all cheeseable and harmless, while there’s only 2 threatening enemies (Ice Adepts and Ice Sphere), one of which just is an instakill lunge and the other sudden and really fast confusion, the difficulty is basically a blank state here, except for it having to be “endgame” (kinda broad)

Despite how terribly executed it is, Shatters as a concept lends itself to alot more complexity and variety than Lost Halls, and ties to Oryx’s past, so the rework makes perfect sense as being 2nd only to Sanctuary.


Currently for HP/MP rings:
T3 gives 100
T4 gives 120
T5 gives 140
T6 gives 180

Wouldn’t a logical choice be nerfing UBHP/MP by 20 (180->160) and making the new T7 ring have 180, the same as the previous UBHP?


Not if we want tiered progression to start tangibly mattering.


fair enough, but the lower tier rings have an inconsistency problem as well, maybe something like this would have tier progression as well

T1: 40-> 40
T2: 80-> 60
T3: 100-> 80
T4: 120-> 100
T5: 140-> 120
T6: 180 -> 160
T7: 200

(50, 65, 80, 95, 110, 140, 170 or some other variation also work in terms of tier progression + nerfing hp rings)