Report hack I want to help no hack no cheat


What are you and what score?


ummm? im human? sorry i didnt get what you were trying to say?

ummm??? well??? im a white star with like 10K fame? Not sure what you wanted there either?


no entendi nada lo que dijistes hablas en clave morse , solo quiero una respuesta a poder dar mi ayuda al juego


umm same with you…

People who help the game dont usually do it to get recognized. Lots of players do eventually get credit, like @doc with his community service or like @Traktion with his cheater list, but not by asking for recognition.

Here is the spanish google translate

Las personas que ayudan al juego normalmente no lo hacen para ser reconocido. Muchos jugadores obtienen crédito, como @doc con su servicio comunitario o como @Traktion con su lista de trucos, pero no pidiendo reconocimiento.


entonces que se hace que hago que hay que hace como ayudo ,’


If anyone is a native Spanish speaker (or any other language) and wants to translate this for us please feel free!


umm well this


on google translate?


You can be more direct that you have to do to be able to contribute in the bann


It appears to be a little different…


using BaiDu…

i guess this will be a battle of which is better :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, more precisely, Chinese Canadian


you’re canadian?


I believe so.


canadian eh?


Also in Canada. As far as I know, all I can do is tell MrEyeball when I see someone reconnect or noclip or something but that’s about it.


myreball is trash never bann


Same. I’m chinese candian.


Same, Vancouver. To OP (orignal poster) of this thread to be fair I don’t think there is much you can do.




Same. I’m australian, which means I’m south east asian. :sunglasses:


This topic is getting derailed.

Going back on the rails.