Retinal scarring spritedump


basically ill just put sprites in here because I have time to do this every so often during class.


random sheeld i made


some random axehead shuriken


image random drake scepter


image diver mask cloak: makes u able to breath underwater,in lod smoke, and katalund smoke. I think this idea has potential for rogue usage, and it pretty cool idea in general


image random poison thing


I used to have a bunch of these, but i lost em. Made whatever the hell this is in like 5 seconds though! Screenshot%20(228)


Could maybe be a seal?


so basically u post sprites here?

time for some flex


Uh oh… I think I know what’s coming


image image image image

pls laugh


I think this is a cool idea imo could be good for killing the cnidarian outer jellies without having to go back for air, but not very useful other than that atm since a rogue can just walk through ots anyways and cloak to air spots. and lod smoke? people walk through that? I feel like that part is unnecessary as you don’t need to walk through it anyways. i like the unique idea though


What about Katalund air or idk the name? Since the enemies get buffed while inside it I don’t think it would be too OP


much too situational… Maybe as a limited event or as the prize for something but should not be a general white because it would be rather dissapointing to get


I made this masterpiece last year image
this one as well image


random knife thing


image random bone/rib katana


old and bad:


the itrems have great abilities and buffs but the niche is that it hurts to look at.

These items are needed in realm indeed.


image random dagger thing