Returner looking for a US guild


Hi, I’ve been playing Realm on and off for over 8 years now, I’m coming back to the game after a few year hiatus. Previously I’ve had 1 8/8 character, a 7/8 character, and multiple 6/8 characters. Currently I don’t have any high stat characters but hopefully that will change within the next few days. My account is decently funded from playing years ago so I do have a bunch of keys that I’d like to open and play through with a guild, and I could get more keys for the guild to run if needed.

Looking for a newer beginner friendly guild (not that a high ranking guild would invite me anyways lol)

I’m on for a few hours every day and would love to meet and play with other players!

My discord is Aryan#0001 (Before people ask, that’s my IRL name) and my IGN is “DaBigWan”


I’ll shoot you a message on Discord. I have “Bookwyrm#7378” as my tag.


Awesome, added you!