Returner looking for Guild, any US server


I’m a returning player who has played for over 10 years on a few different accounts. I haven’t played seriously in over a year and am realizing a lot has changed. I’m looking for some people to chill with and get some sweet loot with. Id prefer a newer guild that’s getting going with a beginner friendly attitude. I’ve always enjoyed helping the new players. I buy a lots of keys when I enjoy the people I play with but never ask me to buy or you stop getting pops.

  • I have 2 8/8s and 3 6/8s with plenty in my storage to max another 4/5 char. 13 Chars total
  • I’m from the Midwestern US and play mostly in the afternoons from 1pm to 8pm
  • Only have a level 70 pet but I’m working on it
  • Have run all endgame dungeons a bunch other than o3 because it came out after i quit.
  • I’m purely running ppes until I get used the game again,
  • I’m a 23 year old guy if that matters


if you like anime then dm me Raphiel#6501

if not then im sorry : (


I figure I might as well chime in.

That’s what caught my attention. I’ve extended my guild to more than just new players as of several months ago, but that’s what I spent a lot of time doing over the years! This includes returning players that need an update on what’s new.

I could use another officer/leader to fill the gap a member left me, if you love helping to train the newcomers. :slight_smile:


Introducing Realmeventchasers, a brand new guild focused on farming rare event drops

we look to be tight-knit community with the main goal of farming realm events for elusive rare item such as jugg, tablet and ogmur.

We’re a brand new community and look to be one of the quickest growing most effective guilds about.

We not only plan to specialize in realm specific drops but also endgame dungeons and O3 runs for veteran players.

We’ll have regular giveaways and none-realm specific events such as movie nights drinking nights and the such

Join out discord server to apply