Returning after nearly 2 years, what is going on with Discords?


Good morning for everyone else out there,

I’ve returned after a nearly 2 year hiatus, which started roughly after IC/OoC was released.
Been rebuilding some 8/8s so I can get back on track to farming events and Exaltation dungeons.

I used to do Fungals, Cults and Nests in Fungal & Crystal Cavern, Malice, and Pest Control Discord servers respectively. However, they seem to have… stagnated for the lack of a better term, it looks like they don’t run as they used to. Have people moved on to other servers?

I’m asking because I intend on trying Kogbold Steamworks and doing it out of a dungeon event drop is out of the equation, as I won’t have a RL instructing me on what to do, increasing the chances of dying considerably, slowing down my progress.

Also, Shatters is a nightmare now to exalt (should have done it ages ago), so I’ll need to farm UTs from Fungals to reforge into other UTs so I can meet DPS requirements. If you were in my position, what would you do?


Kodbold Steamworks is actually commonly run publicly, I’ve seen quite a few people enter them in Realms. Good luck surviving with more than 3 people to the end though. As for The Shatters, it’s actually gotten easier to exalt because Twilight Archmage now gives a completion towards exalting. As for the actual Discord Servers, maybe it’s a similar thing with items in the game, which is power creep. With new, harder dungeons being added, people have less reason to do the easier older dungeons besides exaltations. Plus, Fungal and Crystal Caverns both give WIS exalts now, so that really shortens that part of the grind. I also think that it’s because of how they’re making the grind for exaltations a little bit easier with both the changes to The Shatters and the Fungal and Crystal Caverns. Nests and Cults are also easier to run publicly if you have enough people.

I’d say that the slowdown in servers for the endgame dungeons on the lower difficulty spectrum are a combination of the ease of access to easier endgame dungeons, more appeal to new, harder dungeons, and the shortening of the grind for exalations.

Oh also, not sure if you know about this yet, but they rebalanced forging endgame items so that you can only forge items in one dungeon or a group of dungeons with the same types of items in that dungeon or group. For example, you can forge a bunch of Fungal Breastplates into a Crystal Shield, but you can’t forge those same Fungal Breastplates into The Forgotten Crown; you’ll need at least 3 UT’s from The Shatters and maybe even a couple marks in order to forge that item.


Oof, so there goes my strategy out of the window. I used to do that because Fungal whites were the easiest to get in the SS tier. RIP me.


Yeah, I came back after a while and noticed there are hardly as many raids as there were before. Not sure if the game is dying or if there just aren’t any raids. Some of the big servers like Null, PC and STD have barely any raids anymore which is crazy because they used to be massive discords that I would get spam pinged in.

I don’t think there are really any discords which are focused on Kogbolds, so the only servers there really are, are Holy Crusaders and Raiders which are both servers with no vc and run pretty much every exaltation dungeon but there’s not really any other choices unless you just wait in some server like pub halls for an event raid which happens to be a Kogbold (very unlikely).

But if I were in your situation, I would probably focus on farming o3s (in dungeoneer and osanc), lost halls (in pub halls) and possibly shatters (the actual shatters discord seems pretty active and the reqs aren’t high at all) and try to get a feel for dungeons and get more comfortable with raiding without an rl since that seems to be how the state of the game is right now.

One other possibility is SBC but like every other player, I’m banned from it so I have no idea how active it is, maybe you aren’t banned from it and could also give it a try (verification requirements could be difficult for you).

Every discord I’ve listed here are in the rotmg discord list (


A lot more people have turned to vcless discords because there’s really no point in staying in vc once you know whats going on in the game. SBC continues to be decently reliable in low req runs with ppl who know what they’re doing. Also Holy Cru is a great place for no req o3s. Raiders is another discord which is generally (I think?) lower req and the Lost Halls discord has now become a general discord for all exalt dungeons


Thanks for the intel, didn’t know VCless were a thing. Yesterday I ran a few Nests with Ixodia from Pest Control (thanks for the pops if you’re reading this, DEF), and I asked her what was up, and she explained that less people play nowadays and that people have moved on from exaltation dungeons.