Returning and looking for a guild


Recently coming back to the game and looking for some people to play and chat with.
4 6/8s (Warrior 21 away from 2k base)
Play on really any server but main is USE
Play fairly often usually 4 or 5 times a week
Have Discord
Only coming back basically since Shatters was introduced so no Lost Halls experience and would need some explaining before I could do them


Are you online? otherwise it seems that you have messages disabled on realmeye, if you message me on realmeye or in game I can invite you to my guild if you want :slight_smile: (Name is Obesity on Steroids if you want to look us up


Camp Lazlo (Ariake’s guild) no reqs


Hello YellerSlth, I have a guild called The Sinful I think you’d enjoy, check us out here: [USW] The Sinful is Recruiting!


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