Returning Player looking for active guild


I just came back after a couple months of inactivity and I am now looking for a sociable guild to chill and play the game with.

Why do you want me?

  • I currently I have 5k alive fame and still have several 8/8 characters
  • I have good shatters and LH knowledge and experience
  • I pop ocassional keys and can help provide for guildmates in need of spare pots or items
  • I plan to be quite active in the future and very much want to be able to join voice chats and talk with people

I don’t really care about stars or fame counts I just want a guild that is active and has players who won’t suddenly quit in a weeks time

As for servers I rarely lag on any server and I am on at all sorts of hours of the day so I’m very flexible with guild home servers, I’ve been in previous guilds from eue to usw. My best server is euw2 if you really want to know tho

You can contact me on discord at Falcon#2089, anywhere else and I may not see it at all
I look forward to hopefully joining a wonderful guild


Sup PlayaHaung, We are always looking to invite players into our guild. Atm, we are a chill guild on daily hoping to have a good time. Our guild is T H O T Slayers, and our discord is If you have any questions just pm me at Sillyevan or on discord at sillyevan#8979. Hope to see you soon!


Thats a gud one :smiley:


I mean if you want an endgame guild, I’m sure out guild Tied Army would take you. We’re all chill, but erm there are teenage shenanigans I guess.


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