Returning Player Needs a Catch Up (hi)


im a returning player (hi) and i havent really played since motmg. I know theres been a few updates since but i dont really know whats up now. can anyone give me a quick tldr of the past few months?







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I’m genuinely confused as to why you felt the need to point this out, it seems obvious already to everyone who’s ever encountered arexrew and absolutely pointless to anyone who hasn’t.


hi arexrew. I haven’t been paying much attention either tbh, only major thing I remember seeing was that deca’s added even more ST’s. a huntress set, a warrior set, and a priest set. all of which were released as P2W as possible as you might expect, though I believe they’ve actually started dropping from enemies in-game now. dunno where though.


Thought it was funny.

To answer the question, there’s 3 new ST sets, a bunch of dungeons got minor tweaks and reworks, new Christmas Gear set ring, and Agents of Oryx items which are essentially ‘consolation prizes’ from event chests.

Additionally, there’s a new gameplay mode every now and then called ‘Rifts’; basically time limted PPE mode where you can win some stuff for your regular account. That’s about it.


Ontop of

There are mostly some QOL changes. Treasure rooms have been added to UDLs, WoodLabs, Ddocks, and Davy Jones Locker, so its not a ruse if people call them out.

#7 Just read this


The important parts of the latest updates;

  • Mountain Temple enemies were slightly nerfed: armors no longer respawn indefinitely, Monks inflict only Petrify for a second or so, Archers have reduced projectile speed and longer cooldown on their Paralyze arrow
  • Candyland trolling can now only be done by preventing minion spawns. Bosses will spawn in the boss room with some seconds of invulnerability without attacking. Killing each boss once will spawn a Cupcake enemy in the spawn room, which drops a Realm Portal when defeated (you can of course still continue killing bosses)
  • There are virtually no Test Chests anymore
  • Ruthven now only transitions whenever all coffins are dead, and he has a “rage” phase of sorts
  • The Cemetery has one extra area; all bosses can drop up to two pots; all enemies necessary for progression are stasis immune; Skuld is quite a bit harder; the Grave Caretaker is more like Avalon now.
  • Quests are now divided in 4 categories: Beginner, Standard, Mighty, Epic. Mighty replaces the old Epic, and Epic QChests are all unique: 3 for LH (Marble/Void/Cult), and 1 for Crystal Cavern, Shatters, Nest.
  • All class puppets appear in the Theatre, and the Puppet Master has a quest marker now
  • Davy Jones is immune to stun; the Lanterns (previously “Lanturns”) have some invulnerability after being un-lit
  • LoD gives 4 fame per dragon, and 8 from Ivory
  • Marble Defender pierces armor now
  • The Stone Guardians deal slightly more damage and have piercing, Janus has a cool new sprite + a better rage phase, Suits of Armor (the inanimate ones) give 200 exp
  • Shaitan drops more loot (life!) and no longer has 40% HP scaling


Janus had a resprite and now it has a different rage phase, standing still and spamming shots


Wat? That’s much better then. Only getting an attack pot seemed like one of the worst risk reward dungeons in game.


What’s better?

Well I stopped playing the game which increased everyone’s quality of life.

Oh yeah DECA did a couple things too I guess.


This doesn’t really matter because there are so many priests anyway but stone guardians got buffed



thanks lads <3

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I genuinely do not understand why you felt the need to point that out; humor is subjective.


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might have something to do with calling out your old arch nemesis publicly and without any contextual clues that might indicate you’re not just pouncing on him to rip him to shreds because of how you two don’t like each other, instead of actually answering his question to begin with (this is #academy:questions-answers right?).


I am genuinely confused as to why you felt the need to point that out; it seems obvious to those who are already aware of those unfortunate circumstances, and absolutely pointless to those who are not.

Sorry for the bad joke, arexrew.


Is this your new catchphrase…


I am genuinely confused as to why you suggested that.